MAJOR: VIDEO – U.S Forces block Russian patrol in Syria

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DAMASCUS – In Syria, a near -skirmish occurred between Russian and American military patrols. This was reported by the local news agency ANHA.

The agency published an amateur video shot on a smartphone, which shows how the US military blocked the Russian patrol. Judging by the video, the Americans put two armored vehicles on the road, which caused a traffic jam and the next Russian patrol stopped 50 meters from them. However, he could not turn around, since on the other side of the column another American armored car immediately blocked. The video shows how he is butt-mounted right next to the Russian convoy, which consists of an armored personnel carrier and a Tiger. The military does not take any action.


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“The American patrol blocked the Russian patrol. A cork formed. The Kurds solved the problem,” the agency said, without giving any more details. According to ANHA, the incident occurred on Karki Road. Obviously, we are talking about the north-east of Syria, where the US military is still present, which hold oil fields, and Russia and Turkey are patrolling to control the ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds.

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