MAJOR: Will Iran and Ukraine Coordinate Crash Investigation Efforts?


TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Ukraine spoke by telephone on Thursday and expressed condolences over the Ukrainian passenger plane crash and stressed the need to investigate the causes of the tragic accident.


President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine appreciated the efforts and work of Iranian relief agencies, emergency services and technical experts in addressing the issue, urging cooperation between the two countries’ technical experts for investigating the accident and the causes of the crash based on international protocols.

During the call, President Hassan Rouhani also stressed full cooperation between the two countries’ technical experts, saying, “I instruct the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to form a joint team of the two countries’ experts for closely investigating the causes of the crash.”

The two presidents also agreed that the foreign ministers of Iran and Ukraine should cooperate to facilitate cooperation between the two countries’ experts.

Presidents of Iran and Ukraine also referred to the good relations between the two countries and stressed the development and deepening of ties in all fields.

Meanwhile, Iran has urged all parties involved, including American multinational aviation corporation Boeing, to contribute to a probe into a Ukrainian plane crash near the capital Tehran that killed all 176 people aboard.

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