Medvedev explains his resignation


MOSCOW – Dmitry Medvedev explained why the government resigned in recent comments given to Russian press. The former prime minister mentioned two reasons: the need to provide the president with the opportunity to discuss and make decisions within the framework of updating the political system without regard to the government factor, and the length of time the current cabinet had served.

“As for why, I’ll note two points. The first and most important thing that I said when we met with the president after the message, January 15 of this year, that the message outlines such ambitious tasks of updating the political system, to a certain extent even changing the balance of power in the country, this also applies  to government, and parliament, partly the president, the judicial system, that in order to make all these decisions, the president must be absolutely free to discuss and take them without regard to any other factors. Including the government factor,” Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with Channel One. Another reason the former prime minister cited is that he led two governments that worked for almost 8 years.

“This was the first time in the recent history of Russia. I rummaged, so to speak, in the history of the Soviet period, and even the tsarist period, but frankly, for so long no one has dealt with these issues, with the exception of individual figures, maybe entirely” said Dmitry Medvedev. “Therefore, it’s quite obvious that the great work that was carried out by both the first government and the second government was carried out for a long time, and this is difficult work related to making decisions on extremely difficult issues. This also needs to be taken into account. ”

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Recall that the government resigned on January 15 immediately after the president’s message to the Federal Assembly. In it, Vladimir Putin spoke about the proposal to change the system of power in the country and amend the Constitution through a referendum.

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