Morales: US ‘Aid’ to Bolivia in 2020 Proves its Role in the Coup


BUENOS AIRES – Bolivia’s former President Evo Morales said on Wednesday the recently announced US assistance to the interim government of Jeanine Anez in 2020 proves Washington’s involvement in his ouster.

“This is further evidence of the participation of the United States government in the coup. They want us to be their backyard again,” Morales tweeted, Anadolu news agency reported.

“They want to appropriate lithium and other natural resources. They won’t be able to do that. We will come back and win!” he added.

Morales’ remarks came after a White House memo on Monday noted “vital” assistance to Bolivia in 2020,

“I hereby determine that the provision of United States assistance to Bolivia in Fiscal Year 2020 is vital to the national interests of the United States,” US President Donald Trump announced in the document.

He also authorized the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to submit the determination to Congress and publish it in the Federal Register. Turmoil in Bolivia began when Morales won a fourth term in office in October and faced immediate resistance from opposition parties that challenged election results. Protesters took to the streets claiming the ballot was rigged.

After weeks of unrest, Morales resigned under pressure from the military and moved to Mexico, where he was offered political asylum. He was then granted asylum in Argentina. Meanwhile, conservative Senator Anez proclaimed herself interim president and received the support of the US. A new presidential election is set for May 3. Still, Morales will not be able to run as he has already hit the constitutional limit of two terms of office.

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