Only Joking? Assad asks Putin to Invite Trump to Damascus


DAMASCUS – During his Christmas day visit to Syria as reported by FRN, a back-story has emerged wherein the Russian President  was told by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to invite American president Donald Trump to Damascus. This was reported reliably by the TV channel “Russia-1”.

As it became known to the authors of the story, such a conversation arose when the leaders of the two countries were at a meeting with the Patriarch of Antioch John X discussing the legend about the apostle Paul, who was on the road to Damascus. Commenting on this story, Assad joked that if Trump arrives in Damascus, then “everything will be fine with him too.”

“Invite, he will come!” Putin said in response, promising to convey the invitation to the American president.

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Putin traveled to Damascus on January 7th. During the visit, the heads of the two countries discussed the situation in the Middle East. Assad and Putin observed Christmas together, having a service and lighting candles for loved ones, blessing the relationship between the two nations, and a prayer observance for peace. 

This visit also had profound geopolitical implications, as the trip came right as Iran prepared its response in Iraq to the U.S’s assassination of Iranian general Soleimani. Iran, Syria, and Russia are strategic allies in the region, and have developed strong information war lines as a soft-power component to their joint campaign against the twin-threats of ISIS and U.S occupation.

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