Op-Ed: It is Amazing How Easily Brainwashed Americans Are

By Paula Densnow


By Paula Densnow

It is amazing how easily brainwashed Americans are.

I was told that the Dems are quite concerned about the unwarranted power of the presidency at this point. I was also told that they are also worried about the Balance of Power, as outlined in the Constitution. So they don’t care that the military weapons that Congress voted to be sent to Ukraine are illegal under national and international law, they are only upset that Trump temporarily withheld them. Because…..Constitution.

The Constitution does give very limited powers to the president, the chief one being to faithfully execute the law. But it is illegal to send weapons to a country that is killing its own people, so Congress is impeaching Trump for delaying an illegal appropriation.

The Constitution gives Congress the right to declare war, but there is nowhere in which it says that Congress can vote to send weapons to a country with which we are not at war, so that they can kill dissident citizens.
So the claim of the Dems that they are suddenly concerned about the Constitution is bizarre.

The book “The Imperial Presidency” was written in 1973.

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Since then Congress passed the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Homeland Security Act, the 2012 NDAA and allowed Obama to proclaim that the Magna Carta was abolished and the imperial president had the right to kill any person, anywhere on the planet, without charges or trial.

So Congress spent decades allowing the Constitution to be subverted, passed laws to destroy the Bill of Rights, and allowed the previous president to declare the Magna Carta null and void, but now we are supposed to believe that they have concerns?

And these are the same Dems who voted overwhelmingly, during this impeachment circus, to extend the Patriot Act.

But they care about the Constitution. Right.

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