Schismatic Activists Attempt Seizure of a Ukrainian Orthodox Church

By Olga Vivdenko


By Olga Vivdenko for UOJ

UKRAINE – OCU activists have made another attack on the Holy Protection Church in Buderazh. Believers of the UOC called law enforcement officers and ask for prayers.


On January 25, 2020, at about 11 a.m., in the village of Buderazh of the Zdolbuniv district, Rivne region, local activists of the OCU and their like-minded associates from neighboring settlements attempted to seize the local Holy Protection Church. According to eyewitnesses, the attack began after the people who had never attended divine services began to come to the church allegedly for funeral service, reports a UOJ correspondent.

Believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church quickly reacted and defended their temple on their own before the police arrived. According to local residents, the police came to the call instantly, pushed the attackers away from the church and became a living chain to prevent the locks from being cut.

Currently, a tense situation remains on the territory of the church: supporters of the OCU are crying out insults and unfounded accusations against believers of the canonical Church. The locals report that the four most active activists of the OCU in this skirmish are four teachers from the local school.

Buderazh believers of the UOC have already survived two power attacks on the temple. Now they are asking everyone to pray for them so that the Lord helps them uphold the truth.

We recall that after the previous attack on the temple in Buderazh, which the supporters of the OCU committed in October 2019, the Holy Protection Church was sealed until the conflict was resolved in court.


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