SHAKDAM: U.S Pundits have No Right to Lose Their Minds over Iran’s Response

By Catherine Shakdam


By Catherine Shakdam – Before anyone and by that I mean US pundits lose their minds over Iran’s response to the assasination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani allow me to clear a few points.



1- Iran is acting in Iraq with the full approval of the Iraqi government, in compliance with international law. And while no one will rejoice at the news that yet another war may have started, Iraq as a sovereign nation chose to stand up to US aggression in the way it sees fit.

2- The US committed a heinous crime by doing away with the rule of law and unilaterally ordering the murdering of a diplomatic envoy aka Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

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3- The US violated Iraq’s sovereignty by entering its air space illegally and refusing upon Parliament’s express request to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

4- The US has yet to officially apologise for the murder of Abu Mahdi Al Mohendis and other Iraqi nationals.

5- This is my final point – Donald Trump thoroughly and utterly underestimated both Iraq and Iran. Nations are sovereign on their land. Nations don’t get to be pushed around, humiliated, bullied, sanctioned, and bled without consequences. The arrogance of some so-called democracies is beyond the pale.

The rule of law should guide all decisions. No nation, however mighty should and ought to sit above the law.
Do not ask of Iran and Iraq to play by the rules when you yourself tore up the rule book.

Enough with the moral relativism and political cognitive dissonance.

Trump single handedly exploded international norms, it is unlikely, due process will ever be respected again.

Trump is responsible for the mayhem unfolding before our eyes

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