Syria Rejects Cooperation with Turkey against Kurdish Militias


DAMASCUS – An informed Syrian source denied reports by Reuters that the Syrian-Russian-Turkish meeting in Moscow has discussed potential coordination against the presence of the Kurdish militants in northern Syria and the possibility of joint action against People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The source rejected the Reuters report on a joint campaign against the Kurdish militias and further stressed that the talks concentrated on the Turkish withdrawal from all of the Syrian territories, from the northwest of the country and elsewhere, SANA reported.

Reports had also mentioned that the Syrian-Russian-Turkish tripartite meeting which was held in Moscow called on the Turkish side to fully adhere to the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, its independence and territorial integrity as well as the immediate and full withdrawal from the whole Syrian territory.

In a relevant development in late October, the Syrian Army deployed a number of its troops in the northern countryside of Hasaka province as part of its plan to counter Ankara’s aggression and defend the locals, further strengthening its military positions along the Syria-Turkey border.

The Syrian government continued to deploy its forces to the Syrian-Turkish border after the Kurdish militias had retreated from the areas. The over 90-kilometer deployment area straddles the northeastern towns of Ras al-Ein and Qamishli.

Army units which started to deploy to the area of Tel Tamar in Hasaka northwestern countryside have entered the villages and towns of Doudan, Qasir Sharak, Hasda Fouqani, Amouda, al-Jawharyia, Tal Hamdoun, Kharaza Fouqani, al-Dar, Abu Jarada, al-Qarmanyia, Karbashik, al-Salam Aleik, Rabet Haj Ibrahim, al-Arrada, Laboua, Faqira, al-Ibrahimiya, Msheirfet Asaad, Bab al-Faraj and al-Shukryia.

Kurdish militants started to withdraw in late October from the borderline. Damascus welcomes the withdrawal of the Kurds in Syria’s northwestern regions to a depth of 30 kilometers from the Turkish border as part of a Russia-Turkey deal, saying the pullout rids Ankara of the pretext to keep up its acts of aggression against the Arab country.

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