THE RACAK HOAX: NATO’s Fabricated Casus Belli for Aggression Against Serbia and the Role of William Walker

by Grey Carter


By Grey Carter – After the announcement of the former head of the OSCE verification mission in Kosovo i Metohija, William Walker that he was working on “a project of unification of Albanians.”

William Walker with hands in his pockets conducting so-called “investigation of the massacre”

The American has been coming to Kosovo often since 1999.

His only goal, he says, is for Kosovo “to continue with the steps that everyone has been waiting since 1999.”

These days Walker came to Serbian province Kosovo i Metohija to present “a new project that he has been working on,”

“This project that I’m working on is meant for all Albanians in Kosovo, in the diaspora, in Albania. I’m working on a joint project, on their unification. Albanians worldwide were united in the 1990s with the sole purpose of the liberation of Kosovo. I was with them when they declared independence. Albanians have won and they came to celebrate together, now is the time after the independence, for the final step, for us all to be together, to accomplish this achievement.”

The obscure diplomat,  Walker was remembered as a head of OSCE “verification mission” in the province, whose activities and reports during 1998 and 1999 influenced public opinion abroad in favour of launching a war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), which eventually happened in March 1999.

download (4).jpg
Walker with his fans

Earlier that year the bodies of 45 Albanian terrorists were discovered in the village of Racak. The Walker-led OSCE mission accused Serbian security forces of killing civilians (!?) without presenting any evidence

Reports coming from the Serbian side said that Albanian terrorists – members of the KLA – were the ones killed in Racak, but in the West, the event was qualified as a crime against civilians, used as an excuse to launch NATO’s bombing of Serbia.

A statuette of Walker was unveiled in this Kosovo village in January 2017, in his presence, and that of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and former Kosovo President Behgjet Pacolli.

The Finish pathologist who was in charge Helena Ranta in her biography states that the report on the events in Racak was written under pressure of then – head of the OSCE mission in Kosovo, William Walker.

Ranta states that she was under pressure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland as well.  The Finnish forensic dentist was a member of the international commission of inquiry on the events in the village of Racak, which provided casus beli to NATO to bomb the FR Yugoslavia in 1999.

In her memories, Helena Ranta confirms that Walker, who was chief of the OSCE mission in the winter of 1999 and asked it to report more convincing about the alleged Serbian atrocities in Racak and that three civil servants of the Finnish Ministry searching for “deeper conclusions” in the report.

(Ranta’s testimony from approx. 21. minute)  

In the village of Racak in January 1999,  40 persons were killed.   Walker’s mission marked the Albanian civilians as victims, and the perpetrators of the crimes, according to Walker, were Serbian forces.

Helena Ranta had already indicated that she will tell the truth about the events in Racak
in the documentary “The End – condemned to exile.” Russian authors Yevgeny Baranov and Alexander Zamislov were told that “Walker was horrified by the results of our investigation.”

Helena Ranta

“ I was confused and I was not able to speak. The bodies belonged to terrorists, Serbian soldiers and villagers. This report, which I show now,  was never published, and its content hardly anyone knows.
I’m ready to speak publicly on the results of the investigation. ” said Ranta, showing the original document on camera.

According to Ranta, in the winter of 1999 William Walker, the head of the OSCE Kosovo monitoring mission, broke a pencil in two and threw the pieces at her when she was not willing to use sufficiently strong language about the Serbs.

However, in 1999 the Finnish forensic scientist told the press that the event in Racak is “crime against humanity”.

Helena Ranta has worked in the Balkans and Iraq and has investigated the victims of the sinking of Estonia and the victims of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, where nearly two hundred Finnish holidaymakers were among the dead.

Ranta also testified at the trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in the Hague 2003.

But the involvement of William Walker in the resurrection of Nazi Greater Albania has never been a secret.
Julia Gorin has an excellent  ( older)  article about it>

Ominous Signs in Kosovo: Architect of 1999 Staged Atrocity Finally Admits: I Support Greater Albania

Posted by Julia Gorin

Former U.S. ambassador and unofficial CIA operative William Walker leading select reporters stomping through the supposed crime scene in the hoax that started a war.

This just in:

William Walker supports the idea of greater Albania (Nov. 12)

William Walker, the former head of the Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), stated that he supports the idea of unification of Kosovo and Albania and creation of greater Albania.

In an interview for the Tirana-based TV station Top Channel, Walker stated that the citizens of Kosovo and Albania have good reasons to believe that they will have a common future.

Walker is currently on a visit to Kosovo-Metohija where he will offer support to the Self-determination movement of Albin Kurti, which promotes the idea of greater Albania, at the forthcoming elections.

The List for Natural Albania promoted the idea of unification of Kosovo, Albania and all ethnic Albanians who live in the neighboring countries at a recently held rally in Tirana.

Former U.S. diplomat Walker was awarded a high-rank decoration of Kosovo and honorary citizenship in Albania.

(Two corroborating reports appear here and here, with the former adding that the architect of “Natural Albania” — Koco Danaj –suggests that Macedonia be federalized and then parts grafted onto Greater Albania.)

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But let’s back to Walker. What we have here is a former U.S. ambassador, and head of the notorious1999Kosovo Verification Mission, as well as architect of the staged atrocity in the village of Racak that was the spark used to bomb Serbia — finally saying publicly that not only does he support a Greater Albania, but that Albanians have reason to believe that they “share a common future.”

Spomenik Vilijemu Vokeru Račak
The statue of criminal former OSCE mission chief William Walker wah been installed in January in the place where he earned it – the village of Račak

William Walker is an insider. He knows what the elite decision-makers are up to. This is all but official confirmation that the U.S. does indeed plan to support the full Albanian agenda to continue redrawing Balkan borders.

It should certainly be interesting — including for the majority of the human race that still doesn’t know that Racak was a hoax — that the man who screamed “atrocity!” to the cameras and gave the anticipated green light for our bombing Yugoslavia (again)…is now openly admitting that he supports the wider Albanian designs that have been explicitly outlawed by the international community.

Another fact that should be interesting, including to the novices who do the Balkans reporting for mainstream news outlets, is that Walker is travelling to Kosovo to support a party called Self-Determination, which news reports for years have referred to as a “radical” and “fringe” group that is not representative of Kosovo Albanians in general — led by “extremist” Albin Kurti. (Self-Determination was the group responsible for overturning or otherwise damaging 28 EU Mission vehicles last year when the body signed a protocol on policing cooperation with Serbian authorities to combat cross-border crime. In Nov. 2006, Self-Determination stormed the UNMIK complex in Pristina, and when Kurti was arrested last June for the violent Feb. 2007 demonstrations against the UN, rioting ensued.)

So the dreaded and, for some reason, unexpected scourge of what Albanian “extremists” were up to in 2000-2001 — eliciting alarm and disapproval from any number of international officials and military generals — is now the approved reality, and no one is supposed be shocked at all.

It’s little wonder that the KLA leaders with whom former Greek foreign minister Theodoros Pangalos met in 1999 were so calm, as described in the UK Telegraph in May 2001:

[T]hey made it clear to him that they had claims on Greece as well as Macedonia. He told reporters later that he was “amazed with what great politeness and calm they told me” about their demands.

Now, we already knew that Walker, like other honorary KLA members (Engel, McCain, Dole, Clinton, Clark, Bush, Albright), has a street named for him in Kosovo. As dastardly as his actions have been up to this point to achieve such a lofty low, his open support of the Greater Albania that Albanians were told to put out of their heads by the West even as it bombed the Serbs on their behalf — is taking things a step further.

On the point of Walker’s friendship with the KLA, Nebojsa Malic informs me that Walker had joined with a KLA ‘ honour guard’ escorting the bodies of the Bytyqi brothers back to New York. These were the three Albanian-American brothers who joined the KLA in 1999 as part of the 90-strong “Atlantic Brigade” — the U.S.-approved cadre of American Albanians who flew back to Kosovo to fight. (Walker wrote about escorting the bodies in a preface to a book glorifying the Atlantic Brigade.) Apparently,they were just supposed to kill some Serbs and come back safely, but the brothers were killed after “straying” — as the NY Daily News termed it — into southern Serbia, where coincidentally the KLA was starting its next war. In addition, “When NATO said disarm, these three brothers insisted on hiding [their weapons],” 20-year-old Brigade veteran Isa Kodra told The News in 1999.

K0dra was the much celebrated and interviewed teen fighter whose Serb-killing enthusiasm had impressed Bob Dole enough to take him out to dinner. In a 1999 Salon interview with Kodra and two other New York-based KLA mercenaries, we get this tidbit:

At the end of a two hour interview, the gentle-mannered Haxhi warms up and gets out a photo album of his regiment. Sitting on his bed, he shows off his comrades, pointing out a dapper-looking friend hanging out the back of a truck filled with grinning, uniformed KLA soldiers. He mentions that the friend is now in a NATO jail for killing three Serb civilians after the NATO occupation of Kosovo, as casually as if the offence were a jaywalking charge. Florin chimes in about the “dirty gypsies” who helped Serbians loot Albanian homes. “Serbs have bad blood,” Haxhi comments, which is why he’ll never let his own kids sit in a classroom with Serbian children. [ “Florin” is Florin Krasniqi, gunrunner and KLA fundraiser and recruiter, whose previous purpose at Haxhi’s home — and others’ — had been to make “collections” for the KLA.]

Overheard by an OSCE observer whom Nebojsa Malic later talked to, at the airport during the Bytyqi escort Walker was praising the KLA and their agenda. “So,” continues Malic, “not only did Walker help stage the ‘Racak massacre’ in 1999, he actually jumped into bed with the KLA shortly thereafter.”

Meanwhile, Malic offers some notes on the “marginal” (but not anymore!) figure of Koco Danaj and his “Natural Albania” project:

The whole “Ethnic Albania” movement is a hydra with many heads, but it does appear one public face of it is this Koco Danaj fellow. The cover of Danaj’s pamphlet has 2013 as the year Greater Albania becomes reality. I wrote about him back in 2006. Ironically, at the time, Albanians began writing angry letters calling me a liar [and claiming] Danaj was a marginal figure. Interestingly enough, they never actually disagreed with what he was advocating. And now it turns out Danaj isn’t marginal at all. But hey, as the ICG and such upstanding figures as Joe DioGuardi would surely [say,] this “Natural Albania” talk is all Tanjug and Serbonationalist aggressor propaganda, right?

Indeed, when the international community wasn’t telling the Albanians to put Greater Albania/Natural Albania/Ethnic Albania out of their heads, it was telling us that the whole Greater Albania “myth” was nothing more than a stale Serbian-propaganda concoction. So what we have is just another Serbian “myth” playing out before our eyes.

In August 2006 Danaj provoked a strong reaction from Serbian foreign minister Vuk Draskovic, when he told Kosovo newspaper Epoka e Re that Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro were “unnatural creations” in their current borders and “that all Albanians living in the region should unite to form a ‘natural Albania’ by 2013,” as the AKI news service reported.

When he made the comments, Danaj was prime minister Sali Berisha’s (Ilir Meta, Fatos Nano) political adviser, and so Draskovic understood that this was a direct message being sent by Berisha, recalling that Albanian foreign minister Besnik Mustafaj had made a similar statement some months earlier.

Danaj’s platform of Natural Albania, which in addition to Kosovo also claims Macedonia and Montenegro, came up in an article a few months ago titled “Secret Spy Wars on Serbia,” which stressed that big moves were underway toward the creation of Natural Albania. It also identified several foreign intelligence agencies operating in Serbia, with the CIA, Germany’s BND and Austria’s HNA operating over the past decade in Kosovo in support of the Albanian secessionists. Perhaps the most shocking allegation by the Serbian investigative journalist writing the article, Marko Lopusina, was this:

In Montenegro, the Prime Minister was warned by these networks that Islamic extremists would be unleashed on that small little state if he refused to recognize Kosovo. [A] similar message was sent to Macedonia which itself is target for dismemberment by the Albanian separatists.


Not that this has precluded Haradinaj’s participation in politics, as Radio Free Europe noted last week: EU Mission Unhappy That Alleged Suspects Running In Kosovo Elections

Of course, the most delicious aspect of the Krasniqi vs. Thaci report by Balkan Insight is that the rivalries between these former KLA terrorists and current “leaders” may finally expose their mutual crimes. We’ve got Thaci accusing Krasniqi of committing crimes both in Kosovo and the U.S. (no kidding!), while Krasniqi apparently knows that the gangsters he backed are unfit for public office and belong in prison. So once again, I place my hope for the truth about Kosovo coming out in the hands of Albanians, who alone hold the magic power to convince Americans of anything concerning Kosovo.

One street in Racak was named after William Walker.

No doubt that William Walker is a terrorist and terror supporter. He should be facing justice for all the crimes committed against peace, FR Yugoslavia, Serbs and other non-Albanian inhabitants of Kosovo i Metohija.


Original article: William Walker, former head of the Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the one who provided casus beli to NATO aggression on Serbia, openly stated that he supports creation of Greater Albania


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