What if Russia assassinated Ukrainian Nazi Yarosh like the U.S did to Soleimani?


A hypothetical scenario – a Ukrainian far-right paramilitary leader, Dmytro Yarosh, travels to Estonia to take a part in a political forum organised by NATO. On his way to Tallinn airport, his convoy is hit by a Russian drone strike, killing him and a dozen of people who happened to be in that convoy. Later that day, Putin’s press-secretary, Dmitry Peskov, openly boasts about conducting such a brilliant military operation on a foreign soil, eliminating a former leader of the Right Sector (the organisation holds an “extremist/terrorist” status and is banned in Russian Federation).

Imagine the international reaction. Imagine the US State Department press briefings, imagine the CNN and BBC headlines, imagine The Economist cover. Russia would be unequivocally condemned as a rouge, terrorist state that ruthlessly murders citizens of other countries, the countries it’s not formally at war with, on a foreign soil. There would be calls for immediate action, a deadly round of economic sanctions would be applied in an instant, all regional NATO military bases would be put on high alert.

Well, there’s no need to imagine things, really. Remember the Skripal case, when someone poisoned a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK in 2018, and the British government went hysterical, pointing fingers at Russia, before the official investigation even commenced, with countries like Australia taking Theresa May’s words at face value, making collective ultimatums to the Russian government? There was no concrete proof that Russia was behind the assassination attempt, of whatever the hell that was – the UK authorities initially claimed that the Skripals were poisoned with Novichok, a deadly nerve agent that is many times more potent that sarin, yet both Skripal and his daughter somehow managed to survive it; by the way, how’s the investigation going? And when was the last time “free press” investigative journalists attempted to contact Skripals, or find out anything about their whereabouts, in order to get an update on the situation? It’s a matter of national security, remember? What? Everyone lost their interest as there has been no command to continue the hysteria?


Imagine another (absurd) hypothetical scenario – Linda Reinhold, Australian Minister for Defence, travels to Taiwan where she is killed with a Chinese drone strike near Taipei. Later that day, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi makes a statement in which he reports a successful elimination of a key US vassal, as a part of the strategic effort to untangle the military-diplomatic framework built during the Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” times.

Imagine the international reaction…

Another hypothetical scenario – the head of Quds Force (Iran’s elite special tactical teams and intelligence operations unit that has been playing a key role in fighting the Islamic State and various Al Qaeda branches in the Middle East), Qasem Soleimani, one of the most influential and one of the most popular political figures in Iran, travels to Iraq where he is assassinated by a US drone strike. Later that day, Donald Trump openly boasts about killing him on Twitter (keep in mind that the US is not officially at war with Iran) and an American mainstream news outlet CNBC publishes an article with a headline like “The US took out World’s Number One bad guy”. Imagine the international reaction, imagine all the diplomatic outrage, imagine all the… oh, wait.


The, so-called, “international community” are just a bunch of US cock-suckers (sorry, the term “vassals” doesn’t quite make it anymore).

Recently, the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo delivered a Goebbels-style speech about killing Soleimani in which he compared him to Osama bin Laden and stated that the US implemented a new round of sanctions against Iran because they want Iran to “behave like a normal nation”. “Just be like Norway, okay?” – said Pompeo.

Imagine how much Iran, along with countless other countries and individuals, want the United States to behave not like an “exceptional nation”, but as a normal nation. Just be like Norway, okay?

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