What is unfolding in Iraq right now?

By Yusuf Mshahwar


By Yusuf Mshahwar

The U.S. has fomented war in Iraq for going on forty consecutive years now. From backing and encouraging Saddam to attack Iran in the 80s to genocidal sanctions that murdered 500,000 children and a direct war in the 90s to a full scale invasion and the creation of Daesh in the 2000s. Iraq has been the epicenter of U.S. aims to redivide the Arab world and lay the groundwork for the violent overthrow of the Islamic revolution and the wholesale liquidation of Iran’s ancient civilization.

Iraq’s vibrant agriculture and industrial economy were wiped out. The U.S. has worked tirelessly to transform Iraq into a destitute, war based economy. Iraq has been in a carefully constructed trap propped up by U.S. occupation and influence. While Iraq exists within this trap, no leader can begin to truly reconstruct Iraq. That is the basis for the protests that have raized the country for months now. Unfortunately, many have failed to note the outwardly sectarian nature of some of the demonstrations and the violent scapegoating of Iran. It is clear that the U.S. has had a hand in turning demonstrators toward their objectives in Iraq and away from their responsibility.

The U.S. attempted to capitalize on this situation by, without evidence as they like to do, framing an attack against them on the popular resistance forces in the country (Popular Mobilization Units) who they claim to be controlled entirely by Iran. On Sunday the U.S. carried out strikes killing dozens of PMU fighters and injuring dozens more. The PMUs have been the real anti-Daesh forces in the country who stand for the sovereignty and freedom of Iraq. The U.S. cannot accept that these forces have helped align Iraq with those resisting colonialism in the region, threatening the trap the U.S. has built so carefully to eternally subjugate Iraq. Iraq’s popular resistance makes the alliance of anti-colonial forces in the region so powerful that the U.S. has become desperate.

The demonstrations today are a message to the U.S. that Iraqis will not stop fighting for the freedom of their people and the region. This is the popular will of Iraq. Their struggle if victorious will be another nail in the coffin of genocidal U.S. world domination.

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