BREAKING: Syrian and U.S Forces in Shootout


SYRIA – American forces in Syria were involved in an armed incident near the city of Kamyshly in the northeastern province of Hasake, today February 12th. Local Kurdish sources report that the conflict took place at the pro-government checkpoint of the National Defense Forces (militias fighting on the side of Bashar al-Assad’s troops ) in the Khirbat-Amo region east of Kamyshly airport on the southern outskirts of the city. The shootout between the US military and pro-government militias was followed by strikes from the U.S. Air Force.

“On February 12 (led by the United States), the coalition forces patrolling near Kamyshly ran into a checkpoint occupied by pro-government forces in the Syrian regime. After the coalition troops issued warnings and tried to de-escalate, the patrol came under fire from unknown persons. For self-defense, the coalition forces returned fire. The coalition patrol has returned to its permanent home base, ”said Colonel Miles Cuggins , representative of the US coalition about the incident , reports The Defense Post portal.

According to other reports, units of the Russian military police arrived at the scene of the incident “for mediation.”

According to eyewitnesses, one wounded from the Syrian army was taken to a nearby hospital.

The incident threatens to increase tension between US and Russian forces in the region, The Defense Post notes.

The U.S. Air Force dealt at least one strike in the northeastern region of Syria (Hasake province) after an incident at a checkpoint where the US military killed one person. Syrian state news agency SANA reports that one civilian was killed and another wounded when US forces opened fire after their armored vehicles were stopped at a checkpoint east of the city of Kamyshly (the unofficial capital of Syrian Kurdistan). The firing was followed by an air strike on a village in the countryside near Kamyshly, not far from the border with Turkey.

Turkish state news agency Anadolu, in turn, reports two air strikes in the specified area.

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