MAJOR: Non-Issuance of US Visas to Russian Officials Undermining United Nations


WASHINGTON, D.C./MOSCOW – The situation with the non-issuance of US diplomatic visas to Russian officials continues to deteriorate, with mass visa refusals underway, undermining Russia’s diplomatic efforts in the United Nations, the Russian Foreign Ministry informed on Wednesday.

“We regret to state that the situation with the non-issuance of visas to Russian officials heading to the US on official business not only does not improve, it continues to deteriorate,” the foreign ministry stated, TASS reported.

“Despite numerous requests from our side and our calls to lift the restrictions, there are mass refusals to grant visas from the side of US authorities. This is a conscious and intentional policy of Washington,” it added.

“We continue to call on our American colleagues to normalize visa issuance to officials, including diplomatic workers and UN personnel, fully and without any preconditions,” the foreign ministry said, adding, “We are ready for this at any moment.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed hope that common sense would prevail and that the American officials would stop interfering with the organization of international events on their country’s territory, otherwise Russia would be forced to demand that global forums be transferred “to other states with a more favorable political climate”.

During the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the United States failed to issue visas for 18 Russian delegates, including those taking part in high-level events. In December, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution urging the US to cease non-issuance of visas to diplomats from various states, including Russia, who are invited to take part in UN events.

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