MAJOR: SAA Repels Al-Nusra Front’s Heavy Offensive in Western Aleppo


Allepo, Syria – The Syrian Arab Army troops managed to repulse heavy attacks by members of Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorist group in western Aleppo and liberated 21 villages and strategic hills in southwestern Idlib.

The Arabic-language service of Russia Today news website quoted an informed source on Wednesday as saying that the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) units repelled a major offensive by Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorist group in southwestern Aleppo.

Meanwhile, the Arabic-language al-Muraseloun news website reported that the Syrian Arab Army targeted the bases of the terrorist groups which had attacked al-Jadidah and Jamiat al-Zahra regions in Aleppo with artillery and rocket fire.

A military source said that the army forces have regained control of 21 villages and important hills in southwestern Idlib. The southern Aleppo offensive began late last month and has been relatively successful thus far, especially after the capture of Khan Touman.

In early May 2016, terrorists from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, took control of Khan Touman, shortly before a 48-hour truce in Aleppo was due to expire. Recently, the Syrian army forces retook full control of the strategic town of Khan Touman in the northwestern province of Aleppo for the first time in years following a military operation against terrorists.

Al-Masdar news agency, citing an unnamed military official, reported late last month that Syrian government troops liberated Khan Touman after fierce clashes with terrorists. The source added that the development came after army forces had seized all hilltops east of the town earlier in the day.

As a result of the advance, the Syrian Arab Army has put itself in a position to cross the Aleppo-Idlib Highway and make its way to some important areas, including Khan Al-Assal and Regiment 46 Base.

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