Nationalists in Sweden are Finally the Biggest Party

By Alexekin Rockowia


By Alexekin Rockowia – In recent opinion polls, the nationalist Sweden Democrats are the biggest party, gathering one-fourth of the voters. This is why parties that before excluded even talking with them, the Moderates and Christians Democrats, have now said that they are considering to rule with support from them. But is that really something good, both for the future of Sweden and for Sweden Democrats themselves?

Truth be told: some of Sweden Democrats feel more comfortable in bomber jackets than suits or hanging around in night clubs than universities. Not rarely do we see proof of this in the news, with Sweden Democrats being banned from the party because of racist remarks, either made publicly or anonymously on the Internet.

One could also take a look at their political program and then see just how serious one can take the Sweden Democrats, for instance when the party leader Jimmie Åkesson said that he would make an increase of police salaries with six thousand kronor (about six hundreds dollars) to make the job more attractive and this way cope with the increasing criminality. But, then again, he might as well promise the same increase for nurses and teachers, which would have even more negative consequences to inflation than with an increase made only for cops. In other words, it is unrealistic and just cheap talk which no serious politician would come up with, even if it gives you the votes of the masses. But this is not being responsible towards the people or being an honest politician – but a classical politician, a charlatan.

Most likely the Sweden Democrats will come to power someday, maybe in the next election, if you ask what I believe. However, they won’t get anything done or just make things worse for Sweden. For when everything comes around, most Swedish parties want to solve the problems that the country has. The question is just how?

No doubt one has to close the border for migrants with no more room to be integrated. The problem of migrant crime has do be dealt with too. But unless laws are passed that infringe on the personal integrity of certain people more than it does today (for instance by passing laws about prison for an undetermined time if the person is too dangerous), this won’t happen for generations. And here the Sweden Democrats can play their part as a power, which they already do and which is something good, according to me.

This is because Social Democrats and other liberals (which I use as a derogatory term) will adapt to the Sweden Democrats, that is, steal parts of their political program to do anything in order not to allow them to come to power. This has happened already since almost all parties are agreeing that Sweden has to lower the migration to the country, and this is one reason why it is good news that Sweden Democrats have had their successes.

The first thing that must happen is to integrate the ones who are here today, people who are more racist than Sweden Democrats, and not only towards Swedes. One only has to consider how Syrians who are on the opposing sides in the war feel towards each other, which is seen in the incidents taking place in migrant centers. They are in other words not in a position to teach Swedes about tolerance and call anyone racist. But if migrants would really want to be integrated themselves, then I would suggest a pride parade in Rinkeby or some other Muslim ghetto, and then we will see who is tolerant enough to call themselves Swedes and can preach; because no doubt it would end in riot and death.

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In other words, it will take generations to fix the problems – until the children of migrants or their children’s children have started to identify themselves as Swedes. It sounds awful, but it is the truth. So Swedes will pay the price maybe for hundreds of years, because of the liberal agenda and for the fact that not much was learnt from the Holocaust and Yugoslavia when it comes to the dangers of mixing peoples and religions in a large extent.

These are people who even talk their own language, Rinkeby Swedish (after the famous ghetto) or which I simply call Baboon Swedish, which consists of words imported from migrant countries. This language has to be extinguished.

So, I too want to deal with the problem of migrants in Sweden. But this has do be done in the right way, which is not necessarily to put in power the Sweden Democrats, which is run by a handful of angry men who wouldn’t manage to rule one of the world’s richest, most successful and progressive countries, which Sweden is. Probably people would then see just how bad the Sweden Democrats are as politicians and they wouldn’t get as many votes as today.

But, no doubt, the facade of the Swedish Democrats is today polished and prettier if we compare only with a couple of decades ago when the party was started by Nazis; but I am simply too afraid that history will repeat itself if they come to power and I don’t trust them and their motives, nor do I believe that everyone who votes for them realize this.

To sum it up, the Sweden Democrats are better off as an opposition party and this way they can do more to impact the political atmosphere in the country and set the agenda for other parties, in order to find something in between and really save Sweden.

Alexekin Rockowia lives in Sweden and runs several websites about the Balkans and the YouTube-channel Inat Arhiva. He also has a page on Patreon.

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