Putin Leaves a Political Will, the Last Message to the West: ‘Russia’s Territory is Indivisible’

By Arthur Evans


By Arthur EvansRussian President Vladimir Putin agrees with the proposal to amend the constitution on the indivisibility of the territory of the Russian Federation. Putin made this statement or comment during a meeting with famous actor Vladimir Maskov. There is an opinion that while Putin is at the helm of Russia, such a scenario cannot develop, but if a weak president comes after him, as in the case of Yeltsin in the 1990s, any scenario in that direction is possible.

Putin said he would discuss the matter with lawyers and that he liked the idea in principle. The Kaliningrad region, the Kuril Islands and the current issue of Crimea are the hot spots. However, not too long ago, in the 1990s, Russia was threatened by disintegration and catastrophes of far greater proportions, and worst of all in those crisis years, people at the top of the government found themselves ready not only to let go of Russia’s geopolitical positions, but also to allow for the disintegration of Russia itself.

The issue of the Caucasus in the 1990s was of prime importance. Not a small number of people from the liberal circle had any objection to further disintegration and secession, at that time the liberal slogan was “give everything the West wants”. The consolidation of Russian territory under the strong leadership of Vladimir Putin was carried out fairly quickly and effectively. Given that, in Russian history, the personality of politicians has a tremendous influence on decision-making regardless of the military and economic strength of the country (Gorbachev’s example), there is a danger that a group of people may come after Putin, who will again agree to the 1990s “West or Death” slogan.

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For such scenarios, new constitutional changes should become an insurmountable obstacle. At the same time, Putin sent a clear message to the West that there would be no territorial changes in the event of the reunification with Crimea or the preservation of positions in the Kaliningrad region. It’s a settled matter for the future. All these Putin’s messages are backed by the strengthening of the armed forces and a clear demonstration of military power beyond Russia’s borders with a message of readiness to protect national and geopolitical interests.

Russia has only two allies, the Army and the Navy,” said Emperor Alexander III, and Putin lived in accordance with it during his 20-year reign. With Putin’s tenure coming to an end, it is clear that he has to think about his political will and legacy. Soon, President Putin’s entire 20-year policy will be subjected to the trial of history. Putin knows very well that politicians come and got, but Russia is eternal.

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