BREAKING: Russia Closes All Borders in Covid-19 Reponse

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MOSCOW –  Starting March 30th Russia will close its entire land border, including the Russian-Belarusian section.

The corresponding order was given to the government on March 28 by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin . In accordance with the order published on the government website, traffic through automobile, rail, pedestrian, river and mixed checkpoints will be limited.

“A decision has been made to temporarily restrict movement through automobile, railway, pedestrian, river and mixed checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation, as well as through the land section of the Russian-Belarusian state border,” the document says.

Only those citizens of Russia who leave due to the death of a relative will be allowed to cross the border. In this case, the citizen is required to provide a death certificate and a document confirming the degree of kinship.

An exception will also be made for citizens of the country who are diplomatic workers and employees of official representations of Russia, truck drivers, crews of river vessels and trains, members of official delegations.

Residents of the Kaliningrad region who transit by train through the Baltic states, as well as Russian citizens permanently residing in the territory of the DPR and LPR, also fall into the preferential category.

According to the latest data in Russia, 1264 cases of coronavirus infection were officially recorded. 7 people died, 54 recovered.

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Over the past day, 228 new cases of coronavirus infection in 26 regions have been confirmed in Russia.

The total number of cases reached 1,264 people in 62 regions. In Moscow, COVID-19 was laboratory confirmed in 817 patients.

The situation in the regions of the country is as follows:

♦ Moscow – 114 newly ill patients
♦ Moscow Region – 36
♦ St. Petersburg – 11
♦ Krasnodar Territory – 8
♦ Republic of Buryatia – 6
♦ Ivanovo Region – 5
♦ Leningrad Region – 4
♦ Sverdlovsk Region – 4
♦ Chelyabinsk Region – 4
♦ Krasnoyarsk Region – 4
♦ Sakhalin Oblast – 4
♦ Lipetsk Oblast – 3
♦ Tula Oblast – 3
♦ Kaliningrad Oblast – 3
♦ Republic of Tatarstan – 3
♦ Nizhny Novgorod Oblast – 3
♦ Chechen Republic – 2
♦ Orenburg Oblast – 2
♦ Novosibirsk Oblast – 2
♦ Bryansk Oblast – 1
♦ Kostroma region b – 1
♦ Smolensk region – 1
♦ Republic of Adygea – 1
♦ Perm Territory – 1
♦ Saratov Region – 1
♦ Republic of Crimea – 1

During the day in Russia, 4 people fully recovered, for the entire period since the start of the epidemic, 49 people successfully recovered in the country.


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