Brewing Coronavirus Coup in Ukraine: Tymoshenko calls out Zelensky’s ‘Scam of the Century’


KIEV – The leader of the “Fatherland” faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Yulia Tymoshenko, announced that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing to crank up the “scam of the century.”

The politician dubbed this term the sensational law on the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine. According to her, President Vladimir Zelensky uses the coronavirus pandemic for his political purposes.

The corresponding appeal to the Ukrainians “Lady Yu” published on his page on Facebook .

“Everyone should know this! The authorities are preparing to crank up the scam of the century, hiding behind an epidemic! They want to pass a law at an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on the sale of Ukrainian agricultural land. This law will allow foreigners to purchase Ukrainian black soil in a few years. And the land will serve not Ukrainians, but international holdings that have long been interested in acquiring it, ”the leader of the Fatherland said.

She previously accused the parliamentary factions “European Solidarity” and “Voice” of voting for the “land law”. According to Tymoshenko, international corporations realize their interests through these factions.

She also said that members of her faction would not vote for the scandalous law, according to which Ukrainians were “forced as Papuans to exchange land for trinkets”.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called on Verkhovna Rada deputies to approve the “land law” and banking reform in order to receive a tranche from the IMF.

The head of state said that parliament should pass laws to get an IMF loan, on which “the fate of the country depends”, but at the same time it announced that aid was already received from China. The video was posted on Facebook by the President’s Office.

“Today, a second aircraft from China landed in Boryspil. He delivered 300,000 special respirators and 35,000 protective suits for doctors, military and police. Also on board are almost two million masks for the public. The cargo has already been distributed, it is being sent to the regions of Ukraine, ”the president said.

He added that tonight the plane will again fly to China for the next cargo. The country expects the arrival of a separate delivery of 100,000 high-precision PCR tests.

Zelensky also recalled that an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada should be held on March 30. Because of the coronavirus, Ukraine was actually at a crossroads.

“The first is the adoption of two vital laws. After which we will receive support from our international financial partners in the amount of at least 10 billion dollars. The second way is the failure of these laws. After – the decline of the economy and the threat of default. In recent weeks, the Presidential Office and the Cabinet of Ministers have done everything that depended on us. We agreed on financial support for Ukraine. We and the government have chosen our path. Now it’s the turn of the people’s deputies, ”Zelensky said.

Zelensky called on people’s deputies to recognize their responsibility as “servants of the people” and pass two necessary bills necessary to receive “international financial assistance”.

Recall that we are talking about lifting the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land (“land law”) and the law on reform of the banking system of Ukraine. The latter is also called the “anti-Colomian” law, as it is designed to prevent the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky from being able to regain Privatbank.

Experts note that in this situation Zelensky is in a political “stretch”. Both bills are unpopular and voting on them is not guaranteed, since consent to this effect is not even in the presidential faction “Servant of the People” itself. Now there are only about 170 votes for the “anti-Colomian law”. But even several of them hesitate.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, IMF requirements for Ukraine do not change. However, it is now clear that the country’s government is simply not able at the moment to pass laws in the form in which external creditors require it.

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