‘BULLSH!T’ – Putin SLAMS Zelensky’s Comparison of Stalin to Hitler


Russian President Vladimir Putin said the words of his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky during his visit to Poland were ‘bullshit’.

“You see, these are far-sighted people who do not know how to read, write. “

Dealing with all the garbage in the European Parliament about the identical responsibility of Hitler and Stalin. It’s just bullshit.

“It is necessary to look at the chronology of the development of events […] how this all happened. Who and what for were documents signed with Hitler. By the way, Stalin, no matter how he is treated, he is a tyrant there and so on, but he did not stain himself through direct contacts with Hitler, and there is not a single signature of Stalin-Hitler.”

“But Hitler and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Hitler and the Prime Minister of France – there are. Hitler and the leader of Poland – there is. And they worked with him, with Hitler, met several times, surrendered Czechoslovakia to him, ” the Russian president harshly stated in the next issue of the TASS project “20 Questions to Vladimir Putin. ”

“We understand that this is nonsense (Zelensky’s statement that only Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz – approx. ). We understand that all this is today’s reality, ” Putin emphasized.

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“And the millions of Ukrainians who fought against Hitler, fought against Nazism? This is spitting in their face. I assure you. They’re just afraid to open their mouths there, because immediately the persecution will begin.

I know what is happening there, in the hearts of people who fought with Nazism with weapons in their hands. For them it is a spitting in their face.”

Well, the current president of Ukraine wants to be so handsome for the current Polish leadership, which, in my opinion, is making a very big mistake, ”summed up the Russian president.

Recall thatwhen  he gave a speech at the ceremonies in Poland in honor of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz prisoners, Zelensky said that the camp was liberated by the fighters of the 100th Lviv Division of the 1st Ukrainian Front.


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