Captured ‘rebel’ commander reveals U.S training and support for Syrian terrorists


The US military, which controls the 55-kilometer zone around the US base in Syrian Mount Tanf, forbids refugees from leaving the area. But they actively contribute to the transfer of militants from this zone to Idlib province.

This was reported by a former colonel of the Syrian armed forces, Sultan Aid Abdella Souda , detained for desertion. According to TASS, his interview was broadcast to the media by the special services of Syria.

The deserter said that he had joined the militants of the Magavir al-Saura group and had been trained in subversive activities by American experts.

“After training with American instructors, they were sent east, to the Euphrates, to carry out sabotage, mainly at oil facilities and infrastructure facilities controlled by the government, in order to intimidate people and cause harm,” added Suda.

The former colonel said that terrorists were sent including to the province of Hasek. According to him, weapons were given to militants by the US military. It was produced in China and NATO countries and imported through Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Souda also spoke about the plight of refugees at Rukban Camp, located in a 55-kilometer zone around the American base. According to him, the US military forbids refugees to leave it.

“Americans forbid to do this, kill those who are trying to break free. However, for 300-400, sometimes for $ 500, they allow you to leave the area of ​​the 55-km zone, ”the ex-colonel said.

At the same time, the situation in the Suda camp is assessed as difficult. According to him, refugees face water shortages, high prices and health problems. The humanitarian aid brought into the camp is not enough.

The coordinating headquarters of Russia and Syria accused the US military of delaying the dismantling of the Rukban camp. And refugees are used as a human shield and human reserve to replenish militant units.

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