China, Cuba, Venezuela and Russia stand with Italy while the EU is deaf or even commits theft

Dictatorships? No. Samaritans


From ALAI by Joël Perichaud

Translator comment: The story of the Good Samaritan is to be found in the Gospel of Luke, 10:30 ff. Read it again: it relates on a very large scale!

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China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Russia: these four countries, regularly described by the European Union as “dictatorships,” today stand alongside Italy while the “European allies” headed by France and Germany, are absent and deaf.
The plain fact is there: each country is managing the health crisis in the “Every man for himself” mode, legislating nationally. A tragic common point, however: their hospital systems have all suffered the same neoliberal bleeding in the name of reducing public debt (cutting civil servants, reducing means and equipment, closing beds) and the services directive of 2009!
These four countries therefore decided to respond favorably to the call from Lombardy and to send equipment and specialists to Italy, a solidarity greeted by the Italian people as evidenced by the standing ovation at an airport upon the arrival of Cuban doctors in Italy (…/…).
These doctors are renowned for having fought the Ebola virus. There is the same attitude from Russia, China, and Venezuela who have been sending specialists and equipment to help Italy since last weekend.
Meanwhile, the European Union turns a deaf ear, each of the 27 countries having decided to manage the crisis at their own level, even to take advantage of the plight of the others. The authorities of the Czech Republic, for example, did not hesitate to steal 650,000 masks sent by China to Italy, a theft of incredible inhumanity between two European countries, one of which is facing a health crisis that has already caused more than 3,000 deaths. European solidarity in action without a doubt…
Faced with this demonstration of the utter unconcern of the European Union in social, health and solidarity matters, proof is again shown that its only raison d’être is free trade.
Pillar of the neoliberal order, without democracy and without European people (lack of its existence) the truth explodes in the eyes of all in times of crisis.
There is nothing to hear and on the contrary everything to fear. Political lessons will have to be learned one day, right?
We publish below the article which appeared on March 17, 2020 in the newspaper Granma (official press organ of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party) in which the Cuban government undertakes to guarantee the production of 22 drugs for the treatment of Covid -19…Authors: Walkiria Sanchez and Yaditza del Sol Gonzalez
BioCubaFarma will guarantee the production of 22 drugs for the treatment of Covid-19: the country has in particular Interferon Alfa 2B for cases that may arise within 3 to 6 months.
Although there is currently no preventive vaccine or specific treatment for the new SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes Covid-19 disease, the Cuban pharmaceutical industry guarantees the production of proven and very effective drugs such as Interferon, recombinant human Alpha 2B, as well as other drugs, which are part of the protocol for treating patients with this disease and the complications that may arise.
According to the director of BioCubaFarma, Dr Eduardo Martinez Diaz, in this procedure, the group of companies took into account the experience of China, through a work published by a pharmaceutical association of this country, which provides a guide for virus detection and treatment.

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