Coronavirus cases on the rise in Latin America – Neoliberal Brazil, Chile hit hardest

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Brazil and Chile are the countries in the region most affected by the coronavirus, reporting more than 200 confirmed cases.


The coronavirus pandemic has left a balance of more than 850 infected in Latin America.

The governments of Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile reported a significant increase in cases, which led to the announcement of new measures and actions to deal with the pandemic.

For their part, the governments of Bolivia and Colombia declared a state of emergency in their countries on Tuesday to stop the spread of the disease.

The Mexican Government reported that the number of those infected by Covid-19 increased from 82 to 93 in the last 24 hours.

The figure was announced by the general director of Health Promotion of the federal secretary of Health, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá.

“We have in our country a total of 93 confirmed cases, there are 11 new cases” throughout the national territory, compared to the balance of last Monday, in addition there are 206 suspected cases, said the official at a press conference at the National Palace, headquarters of the Federal Executive.

For its part, the Argentine Ministry of Health registered 14 new cases of coronavirus in the country on Tuesday, bringing the total number of infected to 79.

“Today 14 new cases of covid-19 were confirmed,” the Health ministry said in its daily report.

The Government of Argentina included Brazil and Chile as risk zones based on the number of cases in those nations and suspended air and land transport for one week.

In Uruguay, authorities reported at least 50 confirmed cases of covid-19, 21 more than those known on Monday, according to information provided by the secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado.

“Currently there are 50 cases of people with covid-19 coronavirus, the patients are stable, there are none in serious condition,” said Delgado.

According to the most recent balance of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, 290 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been registered in the country.

According to the latest update from the ministry, there are “290 confirmed cases and 8,819 suspected cases.”

Of the total number of cases, 164 correspond to the state of São Paulo (southeast), where the first death in Brazil was confirmed on Tuesday.

In Chile, the Health Minister, Jaime Mañalich, delivered a new report on Tuesday with 201 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, 45 more than the previous day. Among the infected people are four children.

Mañalich reported that nine of the infected are hospitalized, but none of them are at risk.

On Tuesday the World Health Organization reported more than 11 thousand new infections and 475 new deaths globally due to the coronavirus.

Adding up the latest WHO data, the number of those infected with Covid-19 stood at 179,112 confirmed cases and 7,426 deaths.

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