Coronavirus Panic? You Should see What Yemenis are Going Through (VIDEO)


SANA’A – Coronavirus has swept through the modern world and made a complete mess. Global superpowers are under partial or complete lockdown. Citizens of many countries around the world are instructed to stay in their homes, which many consider a problem since they can’t go outside.

You’ll just have to stay in the warmth of your home after you stocked up on food (which in our world means that you can choose which food), abnormal amounts of toilet paper and, if you live in the US, guns. However, we often overlook the most important substance on Earth – freshwater. Clean running water, which you have access to just by turning on your faucet.

Still, having a shower, washing your hands or anything else you take for granted, is way more than what the people of Yemen get on a daily basis. Hand-washing is one of the most important things you have to do on a daily basis in order to combat the spread of coronavirus, but it’s an unaffordable luxury for millions in Yemen where freshwater is dangerously scarce.

Not to mention the fact they’ve been getting bombed and invaded by what’s probably the most atrocious regime on the face od the Earth. Yemenis are paying a heavy price for their stiff resistance to the superrich Wahhabi neighbor, infamous for its support of terrorism around the world, and which has been the main culprit of all Yemen’s troubles in the last 5 years. And there are many, indeed. Take a good look.

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