Dear Editor: Coronavirus was modeled at Event 201 simulation at Bloomberg’s John Hopkins

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The reader’s letter below appears to be referring to ‘Event 201’ – we are well aware of this but are under extraordinary censorship due to our exposure of US war crimes in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, and have limited some references to this. While FRN was created by Americans, and has never received guidance, help, assistance, editorial oversight, or suggestions of any kind from Russia or Russian entities, there is an Atlanticist public disinformation campaign about FRN’s origins and purpose. The reader seems concerned that we haven’t called a spade a spade – yet. Well, we are happy to lend this reader-driven platform for him to get his story out. – ed, Flores


Dear Joaquin Flores,

The Coronavirus epidemic began as a computer simulation at the John Hopkins Center in Washington and that is what it mainly continues to be. The virus is transmitted through the “antisocial” internet networks (together with the panic and the hysteria) and this transmission will not end until people go out into the streets and make a revolution to end the digital counter-revolution.

The idea of having the epidemic simulation and putting it afterwards in practice and to shut people up into their homes,  turned into prisons, was undoubtedly held by some of the computer brains that move in the circle of Bill Gates, the second largest donor to the World Health Organization, but that person could also belong to the circle (they are concentric circles) of Arthur Levinson, president of Apple and closely linked to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

The lockdown is ideal for people to disconnect from real reality, and connect even more to virtual reality  (which is a distorted simulation like the pandemic) and completely surrender to their brainwashing and radical identity alteration techniques.

Curiously, the countries that have supported the yoke of western imperialism most harshly have now an opportunity to free themselves from it. The West has decided to commit suicide and wants to drag the rest of the world with it to utter ruin. They have the opportunity to work for their societies and defeat that dying civilization that is murdering and imprisoning its own citizens simply by ignoring their slogans.

It is impossible to predict what the consequences will be if the global quarantine is not aborted; they will undoubtedly be catastrophic and will likely lead to widespread madness and utter global chaos. The order that could arise after that chaos if there is any, can not be but an inhuman, tyrannical and brutal one.

The media monopolized by the international banking community continue to hammer on us with the number of people affected by the coronavirus, which is growing very slowly despite all the efforts of the illegitimate authorities to terrorize us. And I say illegitimate because after this forced confinement they have lost what little legitimacy they had left. Of course they don’t announce the cases of those who recover that would be, if it’s not already, the vast majority if it were not because they have their immune system depressed due to panic and perhaps also due to the planned or unplanned health chaos. Apart from the conspirators in Silicon Valley, it is clear that there must have been some accomplice among the eugenicists who meet in Davos every year to conspire and bring humanity to its knees, or rather to force it to continue in that position that it has adopted long ago. This time to worship a microbe made in their image and likeness.

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The reason they have chosen (whoever may have been) a disease so harmless as this for their pandemic drill is quite simple. It is clear that the architects of the drill themselves have not dared to release into the atmosphere or anywhere else another more terrifying micro-organism, lest they contract the disease themselves. In case of contracting it by accident, they could always resort to the Cuban interferon.

Which makes me think that they are not as crazy as I thought at first, or at least not as crazy as their subjects who have followed their instructions blindly.

It is incredible that the leaders of the countries enslaved by this diabolical elite seem to have been hypnotized and are unable to see the wonderful opportunity they have to defeat them. The coronavirus is not a serious threat to anyone, but the paralysis of the productive forces of all nations is. The economy of the West is on the verge of collapse due to the madness of its leaders.  Do not follow the same path; if you want to escape general bankruptcy, you just have to let your citizens go freely into the streets and work and thrive.


Yours Faithfully,

Jose Francisco Fernández-Bullón, an FRN reader


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