Did Putin call for martial law?!


CAUTION when viewing this video. You need to be able to decipher that there are two different perspectives: the first is unabridged government power vis a vis the public. You are likely to feel this way if you live in a Western state. This is not being advocated for here. What we’re talking about is oppositional forces within Russia, often funded from abroad, staging events which are not grassroots and aimed at disrupting civil life in order to make it seem authentic and favourable.

What President Putin is talking about is activity that is taking place outside of the current laws. For those who are unaware about holding protests in Russia – one needs to notifiy the local Council that a protest will be held in their city. The Council must then grant permission, providing the necessary police force and emergency staff, should it be required.

The Council can also deny the said action – which may seem counterintuitive to holding an opposition rally in the first place. This is a legitimate concern for a democratic society, but usually, permission is granted. Where a party does not seek permission to protest – this is called an “unsanctioned protest”, which makes it illegal.

This is usually done by internal figures who appear on the likes of CNN and BBC to create chaotic scenes of political mismanagement within Russia. What do you make of President Putin’s stance of law and order?

– Inessa S


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