DUGIN: People should stay home during Coronavirus pandemic – New Resistance leader Machado may be infected

By Alexandr Dugin


Russian publicist Alexander Dugin expressed his opinion on the world’s coronavirus and Russia’s response to the threat.


By Alexandr Dugin

Coronavirus is no laughing matter.

My close friends and publishers of my books in Italy were seriously ill with the virus, but since they (with great difficulty) coped with breathing and fever, they were not even taken into account as those under this article (in Italy, those who themselves simply don’t go to the hospital can can breathe … they don’t even count the rest).

I just found out that Christian Bouchet, my old friend and publisher, was hospitalized with a severe form of coronavirus. Alina Finlker, the girlfriend of my friend and publisher from Brazil, Rafael Machado  (and therefore also himself) also became infected.

[Machado is the leader of New Resistance in Brazil – our fraternal organization in the South American country, and has penned numerous pieces for FRN, which serves as the online central organ of New Resistance Evropa and North America – Flores ]

If such a frequency of diseases is among the closest circle, what are the real proportions of the disaster ?!

This must be taken seriously. Sobyanin’s decision is absolutely correct, but Putin’s wording about the weekend is not (unless everything was exactly the opposite, and Sobyanin insisted on the weekend, and Putin wanted to declare an emergency).

Putin must be able to admit mistakes. In extreme conditions, there must be trust between society and power.

And one more thing: initiative of regions is very dangerous. They can begin to close from each other (this was the case in Italy at the first stage, when the north was already hit and the south was not yet). Therefore, emergency must be done everywhere, since Russian visitors abroad – and everything is infected there (judging even by the cases among my friends) – crawled into hundreds of thousands everywhere.

In general, the situation is mourning, it is not clear how to continue to show what they show.

People should be left alone in their apartments. So that for the first time in their life they could calmly think about being and non-being. ”

[Editor’s note – We think its hard to remain calm when issues of employment and paying for food and rent enter the equation. But perhaps this is precisely the time to consider what are luxuries and what are not. ]

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