Emergency Statement from the DPR Army on fresh Ukrainian War Crimes in Gorlovka


Text of an urgent statement by the official representative of the People’s Police (NM) of the DPR.

The Ukrainian side continues trying to destabilize the situation in the Donbass, provoking NM divisions to aggravate the situation.

Tonight at 1:35 am militants of the 58th brigade, on the orders of a war criminal, Kashchenko fired at the mine settlement named after Gagarin from 122-mm artillery, firing 10 shells at the village.

As a result of the shelling, a high-voltage power line in the village of Kurgan was damaged. More than 1000 subscribers were left without electricity, boiler rooms No. 13.14 and 15 were de-energized. Emergency services are working to restore electricity.

According to updated data, as a result of shelling the area mine them. Gagarin, Gorlovka from 122-mm artillery, three civilians were injured : a man born in 1952, a woman born in 1959, and also a fourteen-year-old teenager.

The victims were taken to the city hospital No. 2 of Gorlovka, where they were provided with qualified medical care. Currently, nothing threatens their life and health.

The cynicism of Ukrainian militants has crossed all borders. The ongoing genocide of the civilian population of Donbass should not go unnoticed by international observers and the world community. In this regard, we urge the leaders of Western countries to exert influence on the Ukrainian leadership to stop criminal acts against the Republic, and the Armed Forces command to curb their subordinates, for whom the killing of civilians has become the norm.

Materials proving the shelling will be handed over to representatives of international organizations located in the Republic, as well as to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the DPR for initiation to criminal cases instituted against the commander of the UAF brigade Kashchenko.

We urge international observers to influence the criminal actions of the Kiev punitive in order to prevent further aggressive actions of Ukraine against the civilian population of Donbass.


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