EU attributes its helplessness against coronavirus as Kremlin disinformation

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BRUSSELS – In a situation when the European Union has shown itself helpless to really stop coronavirus infections, Brussels officials are still trying to justify their failure as the work of “Putin trolls”. The number of deaths from coronavirus in the EU is now officially higher than in Asia – 3421 against 3384.

The European Commission released a document stating that “the Russian media have organized a significant disinformation campaign against the West to increase the impact of coronavirus on society, cause panic and distrust.”

“The main goal of the Kremlin’s misinformation is to aggravate the public health crisis in Western countries in line with the Kremlin’s broader strategy of undermining European societies. Disinformation in Russia is expected to exacerbate the threat of a health crisis in Western countries, ” the EC document says.

The document was developed by the US East StratCom task force, operating within the framework of the European External Action Service, which daily monitors Russia’s disinformation activities. This means also that media campaigns pointing blame at Russia are under the purvey of the Atlantic Council. 

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Two times in history, European instability pulled Russia into a war not of its choosing. These are WWI and WWII, in which Russia took extaordinary losses.

Because of this geopolitical reality, it is very unlikely that Russia desires to stoke instability in Europe.

In connection with this, England and the US had played balance of power games in continental Europe which contributed to the instability that created both wars.

Regardless of the reality of the Covid-19 virus, the crisis appears to be weaponized by certain power groups based in the west to push forward any number of possible agendas.

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