FLORES: What does Event 201 have in store for Us? Be careful about saying Covid-19 is not too dangerous

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Mar 27, 2020

Dear FRN Readers,

So, it looks like they’ve run part of Event 201 on us already. But this isn’t all of it, if you watched what was published on it.

It isn’t too often that I write you directly. Any reader of FRN is by now aware of the mainstream corporate media version of this Covid-19/Coronavirus story, and has seen many problems in it. There are many theories afloat, and most of them point in the same direction.

The truth is, the general gist you are getting from the so-called alternative media is basically correct.

But maybe you’ve noticed that, with some big exceptions, there hasn’t been the level of censorship that we’d expect around this. 

And I’m going to tell you why. 

Ultimately eliminating genuine populist voices and replacing them with systemic-safe fakers has been their goal. We’ve seen this across YouTube and in print online media.

What they want to do is turn the rest of the uninformed public against ‘us’. There’s a very real possibility that they will do that by going through a present stage of ‘permissibility’. That’s where we are right now.

Then there will be some ‘mutation’ or some ‘new reality’ introduced that will be more deadly than what we have now. It’s possible there are multiple strains. A strain that really kills, even people in good health, but was designed to travel more slowly in various ways (being harder to transmit ultimately).

Then there is the strain many of us probably have already had if you had a serious flu sometime in November or December. This would have been, yes, most of the symptoms you’ve already read about with a fever – and it was the first real fever with a flu in many years or even decades that many of us have had.

Maybe these two strains work together, instead of the first providing immunity from the second. Who knows.

But I’m willing to wager that many, many of us are ‘Covid-19 positive’ in terms of a standard antibody titer test like ELISA. But the illness has already passed. For now.

They are already saying that it’s possible to get this numerous times. They are saying that the natural immunity our bodies make against this is generally weak.

We can’t believe media reports or media hype. They are claiming numbers now which seem, low, and indeed low numbers may be the case for now. But…

We saw what they did in Syria, where children were used in hoaxes of gassings that even compromised agencies were forced to admit much later (too late) didn’t occur. We are dealing with people that used corpses of children and froze them, put them in new dusty/dirty outfits, and re-filmed them over and over in various locations, then back in the freezer. People who followed the Syrian war and the US/UK propaganda around this very closely, as FRN did dutifully for years, are  fully aware of what they are capable of doing in pursuit of their goals.

As alternative media focuses on the idea that this is ‘not deadly’ instead of who did this to us, then this will be the pretext they use to shut everyone down once the second strand or ‘mutated version’ is released, or makes its way from, say, Iran.

The economy is fictional and they were all going to find a way to lay us off anyhow. They were all going to sort a law that affected workers and small business owners heavily, but subsidized the losses of big capital and the banks.

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The idea is further consolidation of full spectrum dominance – military, intelligence, social media, economic, and the Overton window on policy. This is about upwards redistribution of wealth and power.

It’s a mental disorder, and one they are so benevolent to save us from acquiring by making sure that the rest of us have as little money and power as possible.  Hey, they know from experience that it’s a thirst that can’t be quelched. They must be the most miserable people in the world.

Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for everyone else. Meanwhile the politicians of ‘left’ and ‘right’ have the two groups that must be united – workers and small and medium business – at each other’s throats.

So let’s not focus on trying to make the point that this won’t harm us. That will  be considered the kind of ‘misinformation’ which they will claim as the pretext to shut it all down once, if, this all hits real real big.

They will roll out experts who you will see flooding all media including social, saying that the authorities wanted to protect free speech and therefore allowed conspiracy theories to run rampant.

Like true psychopath gaslighters, they will then say that ‘we’ ruined it, that ‘we’ were irresponsible – even while it was ‘they’ who created and rolled out this contagion in the first place. They’ll see each other in hell. (But how can we hurry them there?)

Think about how all we hear about in the US and Western Europe is ‘what a burden’ our parents and grandparents are. They are on pensions and, as Kissinger called them ‘Useless Eaters’. Even the fact that Kissinger is the man who coined this term, googling the term will render a fictional and very inaccurate ‘nazi quote’.

It’s possible that an even deadlier strain will be survivable for very very healthy people. But it’s easily imaginable what’s being set up for us. And our parents.

They would love to clear out the pensions and social security balances. Strike these human beings off the budgets. Think of what their second drug of choice outside of RTK, the stock market, would do!

Having watched the entire Event 201 proceedings that were publicly available, there is a roll-player talking about the need for open social media during this time. Give it a listen and hear her fake reasons for that.

They don’t want to cause levels of panic that put people in the streets, just enough to keep people home (odd how that works), and they are introducing things slowly. Like a frog in boiling water. Shutting down social media ‘just because’ would have made things seem all the more panicked.

What they want to do is have a pretext to do what psychopaths do best – blame the victim for their punishment!

I leave you for now, with this. Thank you dearly for your support and readership.

In the fight for good,

Joaquin Flores

Chief Editor, FRN

[email protected]




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