Former Ukrainian spy says Ukraine lost Donbas war

By Christelle None

By Christelle None

Aseyev, spy under cover of journalist

The arrest of Stanislav Aseyev in the summer of 2017 had caused a scandal, several organizations such as Amnesty, HRW and the OSCE condemning the fact that the DPR had arrested this “journalist”.

The problem is that unlike Ukraine where journalists are being prosecuted for far-fetched charges of high treason because they describe the war in Donbas as a civil war, the charges of espionage against Aseyev were substantiated by solid evidence.

Amnesty, HRW and the OSCE have forgotten that the profession of journalist is not a guarantee of legal immunity if the person truly breaks the law.

It is not because someone is a journalist that he can play spies with impunity (and it is not because some, like Sentsov, are “directors” that they can burn down buildings and pose bombs with impunity either). Especially in a war zone like the Donbass. Aseyev’s actions have marred the entire journalistic profession, showing that some use the title of journalist as a cover (or as a pseudo-totem of immunity) for espionage.

Indeed, under cover of his activity as a “journalist”, Stanislav Aseyev was actually spying for Ukraine in the Donbass, transmitting via the internet information and images of the positions of the popular militia from the DPR to the SBU, knowing full well that this information would jeopardize the security of the Republic.

He also used his work as a “journalist” to recruit pro-Ukraine residents on social media, so that they too would collect and transmit military and other types of information, which could endanger the security of the DPR.

Initially, Aseyev was arrested by the MGB because he worked as a “journalist” in the territory of the RPD without accreditation, which is a violation of the laws of the Republic governing journalistic work, because, as a reminder, we are in the zone of war.

Any journalist working in DPR, RPL, or Ukrainian side near the front line must have accreditation to do this, to justify his presence in an area where he can access sensitive information. This accreditation system is there to prevent people from spying on journalistic activity without actually being journalists.

However Aseyev wrote for several media (Ukrainian and Western) under pseudonym (Stanislav Vasine), since the RPD, whereas he did not have accreditation of journalist. The DPRK’s MGB (security services) then looked for who this Stanislav Vasine was, and finally discovered that it was Aseyev.

After arresting Aseyev, the MGB searched his belongings, computer and telephone, and discovered that the “journalist” had, from March 2015 to May 2017, taken pictures of the positions of the popular militia of the DPR which he transmitted to the SBU via the internet.

Faced with this evidence, the DPRK Supreme Court sentenced Aseyev to 15 years in prison for spying, inciting spying, and other crimes related to the network of spies he had formed.

Then, in December 2019, Stanislav Aseyev was among the prisoners who were returned to Ukraine by the DPR . It was in this capacity as a former prisoner of the Republic that he was interviewed by channel 5.


Ukraine will not recover Donbas and war is lost

It was during this interview that the former Ukrainian spy declared that he believed that Ukraine could not recover the Donbass and that the war in the region was lost.

“ The question must be asked differently: are we ready to recover this Donbass? A whole generation of children grew up there, who were brought up with very different values , “said Stanislav Aseyev.

According to him, in the schools and universities of the RPD and the RPL (People’s Republic of Lugansk), the students study the exploits of the soldiers of the popular militia.

The former spy stressed that Ukraine does not need the people who took part in the conflict (in one way or another) on the side of the DPR and the RPL. According to Aseyev, they must be sent to Russia, after which Kiev should take control of the border (which would allow Ukraine to carry out the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass, once rid of the defenders who protect civilians – note de the author).

” Those who are linked to the corpus [the people’s militia – N DLR ] are not only soldiers: it is also supply and accounting, in general, all those who were part of the second and first corps of army [that is to say, popular militias of the RPD and the RPL], “said Aseyev.

But the former Ukrainian spy immediately showered the hopes of some of his compatriots who dream of being able to carry out an ethnic cleansing in the Donbass, explaining that this scenario is only a fantasy, and that Ukraine has in reality lost the war and lost the region.

” I believe we have lost this war. We have lost these territories, we will not be able to recover them – in this sense, we have lost them, ”he said.

Aseyev then added that Ukraine could not recover the Donbass and that the loss of territory should be prevented from spreading.

” We cannot recover it [the Donbass region – N DLR ], and the whole question is to prevent it from spreading even more, ” concluded the former spy.

In an interview I gave to News Front , I said that Ukraine does not want to apply the Minsk agreements because they are the symbol of the beating defeat of the Ukrainian army in Donbas. And this is exactly what this former Ukrainian spy has just admitted publicly: Ukraine has lost the war in Donbas and will not be able to recover the lost territories. May it be heard by the Ukrainian warriors who still dream of avenging the defeats of the Ukrainian army in the blood of the inhabitants of Donbass.


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