Hell in New York: One Death Every 17 Minutes – Doctors can’t keep up


NYC – The number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States has now exceeded 100 thousand people. According to the Daily Mail, those infected began to die every 17 minutes in New York City.

The paramedic team’s challenges rose sharply by 40%. The emergency department receives up to 6.5 thousand calls daily. Due to the large flow of calls, the wait for an ambulance sometimes reaches 170 people.

Representatives of the New York Fire Department urged citizens to call an ambulance only in emergency situations, for example, with heart or lung problems.

“Please allow the services to assist those most in need. Call 911 only if you need emergency treatment, ” they said to the residents of the city.

New York City Public Hospital Doctor Steve Kassapidis said what was happening in the city was hell on earth.

According to him, doctors do not have time to take infected.

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“Patients are brought in, connected to devices, then they die, and the circle repeats. Patients are brought in and brought in, ” Kassapidis described. 

Emad Youssef, a New York private clinic doctor, said American hospitals resemble military hospitals.

“Patients with oxygen masks lie one after the other from the front door until the emergency room,” he said.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said on March 27 that the city has enough supplies to survive the next week, but further forecasts are difficult to make.

“Starting April 5th, we may be in a difficult position,” said de Blasio.

He also stressed that the city needs federal and military support, as well as at least 15 thousand mechanical ventilation devices.


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