Hysteria in the Baltic states over Victory Day: Moscow Slaps Estonian President Across the Face

By Lyudmila Korsunova


A political source told the Estonian Postimees that Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid will not come to the Victory Parade in Moscow. The reason is simple – no one invited her there.

Moscow did not send Madame President an invitation to attend events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. According to the source, Kalyuland is not hoping that the invitation has been lost somewhere – it simply does not exist and never will be.

The reasons are the different opinions of the Russian Federation and EU countries on the Great Patriotic War and its results.

So, the Estonian parliament adopted a resolution “On historical memory and falsification of history”. The historical truth is misinterpreted there, and the war is called the consequence of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between the USSR and Germany.

A source at Postimees claims that the Russian authorities will not invite those who so sharply condemn Russia’s position on this issue. Indeed, in the Russian Federation they have repeatedly talked about how unceremoniously Western countries are trying to change history. Vladimir Putin personally talked about documents proving the collusion of Poland and Germany.

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Well, the Polish authorities even adopted the resolution, blaming the war on the USSR, as well as Germany. In turn, the Latvian parliament criticized the Russian Federation for “attempts by Russian officials to deny historical facts about the causes, progress and end of World War II.” Similar documents have also been adopted in Estonia and Lithuania.

Russia will not allow lies in relation to the Second World War and will not allow slandering heroes who sacrificed their lives for the Victory. It is unlikely that the Russian side will invite Baltic and European politicians on purpose, because the Russian Federation always advocates cooperation, interaction and diplomatic resolution of disputes.

It is noteworthy that the Estonian media are already starting to hysteria about this. This once again shows the entire modern policy of the Baltic states – submission to Western “partners”, propaganda of Russophobia, ridiculous accusations and senseless hysteria.

Lyudmila Korsunova, for RusVesna

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