Ivanov: Ukraine Will Soon Return to the Russian Sphere

By Andrey Vasiliev


By Andrey Vasiliev

Providing Ukrainian consumers with Russian gas has entered the final stage. If local gas companies fail to agree, Kiev will face a collapse. Ukraine will be forced to return to the “Russian orbit”, because it will not be accepted anywhere else, and there is really nowhere to go. This opinion was expressed by political analyst Andrei Ivanov.

Kiev company Kievgaz does not want to sign a contract with the Ukrainian GTS Operator. This information came from the press service of the latter. It says that gas workers in the capital have sabotaged the signing of the agreement for more than two months now. If in the near future “Kievgaz” does not come to their senses, the “Operator of the GTS of Ukraine” will stop the supply, and this will lead to a complete lack of gas among the residents of the Ukrainian capital.

A new contract was received by the Kiev company in December last year. However, the leadership was not satisfied with the conditions of the state operator, and they made a number of serious changes to the document, taking advantage of their monopoly position. An agreement was never reached. At the same time, as the Ukrainian GTS Operator notes, the capital company is the only one of all regional operators who refused to sign the contract.

Political analyst Andrei Ivanov is convinced that the Russian-Ukrainian gas issue will be completed very soon. He believes that Kiev’s policy on this issue since 2014 has now entered the stage of agony, which has become only the extreme of a long-term gas hysteria line.

The expert recalled that since 2014, as part of the anti-Russian policy, the Kiev authorities decided to purchase Russian gas in Europe. Of course, with a large margin due to the reverse. The foreign policy course is one thing, but now discord has already begun within the country because of the absurdity of this course. It is clear that as a result ordinary citizens of the country will suffer, who already now run the risk of being left without gas. The situation has only recently worsened, he said.

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In addition, Nord Stream 2 will be launched this year, and this will undoubtedly depreciate Ukraine as a transit partner. There is no agreement inside the country, the European Union and the United States are now occupied with much more serious issues, and they already understood the futility of the European post-Soviet rudiment.

Thus, everything is back to square one, Ivanov is convinced that Ukraine will eventually return to the “Russian orbit” – to historical roots, so to speak. However, in addition to history, we also have many objective factors for cooperation, or rather, the construction of relations of a co-dependent type.

The point is small: so that Ukrainian politicians get off Western subsidies, remove the money from their eyes and see the most obvious and simplest solution.

Let me remind you, at the very end of last year, literally “on the flag”, Moscow and Kiev nevertheless concluded a new five-year agreement on gas transit. Naftogaz has already dubbed the new contract the most effective in history.


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