MAJOR: Brazilian military ready to oust Bolsonaro and place Mourao in power, citing ‘Coronavirus’


N.B – In Event 201, in what has been made public and can be watched on YouTube still, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic creating Arab Spring scenarios, in those words, was openly discussed.  – J. Flores

BRASILIA [TeleSur] – The Armed Forces have held meetings to analyze scenarios in the event of an eventual removal or resignation of the President, weakened by his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has suffered severe political wear and tear in recent days for his criticized handling of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, to which the military has said they are ready to support Vice President Hamilton Mourao in an eventual replacement.


“The leadership of the Armed Forces has ignited a warning signal in recent days in the face of President Jair Bolsonaro’s reactions to the new coronavirus crisis,” said journalist Afonso Benites in an article published in the Brazilian edition of the newspaper El País.

He indicated that the Armed Forces have held meetings in Brasilia, capital of the South American giant, to analyze scenarios in the event of an eventual removal or resignation of the president, who is weakened by his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The most recent official figures indicate that Brazil registers a total of 3,477 infections with Covid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus strain discovered in late 2019, with 93 deaths, being the Latin American country with the highest number of cases.

Bolsonaro has refused to decree national social isolation and, in this sense, has criticized those measures adopted at the state and municipal levels. He maintains that, while it is necessary to take care of the health of the population, the strong economic effect that the pandemic can cause must also be avoided.

Citing a report, Benites reveals that representatives from Aeronautics, the Army and the Navy told Mourao that he could count on his support in the event that the occupant of the Palacio del Planalto (headquarters of the Executive Power) left office through a political trial. or resignation.

“Military personnel have held subsequent meetings in Brasilia, including with Bolsonaro’s allies and civilian members of his first rank. This week, at least two meetings have taken place. They discussed hypothetical medium and long-term scenarios, ” added Benites.

However, the possibility of a political trial, which would have to be discussed and voted in Congress, appears distant, according to legislative sources confirmed to the journalist, and Bolsonaro has said at various times that he does not intend to resign.

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