MAJOR: Coronovirus Crisis Deepens – Trump Bans Flights from EU


The European Union is “stunned” by the severe restrictions on entry that the United States imposed for citizens of European countries belonging to the Schengen zone in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. 

EU representatives say that Trump’s decision made during his address to the nation came as a complete surprise to them.

“Several European ambassadors in Washington specified: they did not know that this would happen, despite the fact that they had been in contact with the administration over the past few days,” CNN reported.

Recall that the restriction on entry into the United States from Europe will begin to apply on March 13. Exceptions are provided for Americans who have passed appropriate testing for coronavirus, as well as for residents of the UK.

One of the Belgian diplomats, in an interview with television reporters, said that he and his colleagues only knew that in the field of travel from Europe “something will happen, but not so radical.”

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“What is not clear is the exception to the UK and the lack of domestic measures,” he added.

Thus the White House confronted the authorities of European countries with the closure of transportation after the president announced the restrictions introduced. European foreign affairs agencies received updated information on the restrictions imposed from the US State Department only some time after Trump’s statement.

One of the channel’s sources noted that so far there has been no clarification on this issue and the ambassadors have not received answers to the questions they asked American officials.


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