MAJOR: Leading Italian Doctor Questions Official Covid-19 Theory – Say ‘Strange Pneumonia’ Hit in November 2019

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ROME – A few weeks before the outbreak of a new coronavirus was recorded in China, a “strange pneumonia” circulated in northern Italy. The Director of the Institute of Pharmacological Research, Mario Negri Giuseppe Remuzzi spoke to Italy’s National Public Radio about this.

Doctors remember how they observed very strange pneumonia, very severe, mostly in older people in December and even November,” said the Italian professor. “This means that the virus circulated, at least in Lombardy, and before we became concerned about the outbreak that occurred in China.”

Giuseppe Remuzzi added that he had just heard about it from doctors, which means: the disease existed, spread and people did not know about it.

The first case of transmission of coronavirus infection COVID-19 was officially recorded in Lombardy only on February 21st. In this case, the first patient had contact with the Chinese in late January. Since then, Italy has confirmed the disease in 53 thousand people and about five thousand have died.

According to the Chinese publication South China Morning Post, a Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan said that China was the first region to report a pathogen, but it is still unknown where it came from.

The publication notes that in Wuhan, doctors recorded an epidemic of “pneumonia for an unknown reason” on December 1st. There was information that the first case of the disease could occur in mid-November, however, official Beijing does not confirm this.

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Recall that the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a coronavirus pandemic. Today, Rospotrebnadzor reported that the total number of cases is 380,457 confirmed cases (daily increase of 41,759 cases; 12.3%). In 167 countries of the world outside the PRC, 298,710 cases were recorded (an increase of 41,612; 16.2% over the last day). Over the past period, under medical supervision in Russia as a whole, there were 149,754 people, as of March 23, 93,677 people remained under control.

According to one version, the infection came to people in the market of the Chinese metropolis Wuhan in central China. The market traded including rare mammals, which are eaten. For example, bats, which are considered the most likely carriers of the new coronavirus. However, there are versions of the artificial spread of coronavirus. Thus, Zhao Lijian , a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, accused Americans of spreading the infection after Robert Redfield , head of the American Center for Disease Control (CDC), reported that Covid-19 coronavirus was found in some people who died from influenza in the United States.

“The CDC was caught at the crime scene. When is a null patient recorded in the US? How many people are infected? Which hospitals? Maybe the American army brought an epidemic to Wuhan … the US should explain! ” – Zhao Lijian wrote on Twitter .

COVER PHOTODirector of the Institute of Pharmacological Research, Mario Negri Giuseppe Remuzzi. Illustration:

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