MAJOR: Videos of the Alleged Destruction of the Syrian Military by Turkish Air Force Turn Out to be Fake


Information war has always been an important frontline. However, in recent decades, it has become a major domain of warfare, as war itself has become a public domain, available to billions around the world. The amount of available information is so massive that it’s extremely hard to discern what’s true. Knowing this, sides in a conflict will use this to their advantage, spreading propaganda in order to further their goals.

Recent developments over Turkish aggression in Syria, backed by Turkish-supported head-chopping terrorists (ever so lovingly known as the “moderate opposition” in the so-called “free world”), saw chest-thumping and self-delusions of grandeur by the Turks. Allegedly, Turkish drones laid waste to the SAA, killing thousands and destroying countless tanks, APCs and air defense systems. However, here’s the truth.

Drago Bosnic

Turkey lost more military forces in Syria than the SAA

The videos published by the Ministry of Defense of Turkey were used to show the alleged destruction of Syrian forces in the Idlib, Aleppo and Hama provinces. However, a significant amount of traces of video editing and CGI were discovered in the vast majority of these videos.

The reason behind the study of video materials, published by the Turkish Ministry of Defence, was verifying the accounts of alleged destruction of the Pantsir-S1 air defense system. As it turned out, the video was not only cobbled together from multiple other videos, but also added special effects.

Analogous elements of computer graphics and video editing were also revealed, where Turkish drones allegedly strike a column of Syrian soldiers. As noted by specialists, in almost all of the video materials it is possible to see evidence that the materials have been tampered with. The video editing is obvious due to the missing video fragments, which indicate that more than one video was used to create fake ones.

In addition, some video materials used to depict the Syrian army and their related military tech were obviously created with the use of CGI (computer-generated images). In particular, specialists noticed the uncharacteristic and unnatural movement of tanks and soldiers.

“Turkey’s MOD continues to publish self-serving fairytales and delusions of grandeur, even though we’re yet to see a single shred of evidence of the alleged destruction of Syrian military equipment. Obviously, everything Ankara has shown thus far exists only in their minds when it comes to Turkish military operations in Syria,” one of the specialist notes.


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