Military Dictatorship: Ruling Class Launches Bio-War Against Humanity

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Dear readers – under these emergency conditions, we republish a crude translation of the following. It is quite in depth, looking at the present reality and history of US bio weapons as a form of warfare. We are limited by draconian anti-speech laws under the present global state of emergency, to say more than this.

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– Joaquin Flores, EiC – FRN. 


Russia has  “hypersonic”, America a “hypervirus”, the latter’s globalists started the war without a declaration. Just yesterday, few could have imagined such a thing.

According to Chekhov: if in the first act a gun hangs, in the last it shoots. In order not to shoot with “hypersound” and other types of the latest weapons, Russia repeatedly “leaked”, warned of inevitable retaliation not only to carriers of American weapons, but to the “decision center,” demonstrated new military developments that had no analogues in the world.


The “City on the Hill” gritted its teeth, snapped at the sanctions and “reels of the regime”, preparing ahead of time for its “joker” – biological weapons.

The capitalists did not stack their “eggs in one basket”. As soon as it turned out to surpass and bend Russia with conventional and nuclear weapons, the global Fushington pulled out a biological “joker” from its sleeve. It is very convenient: given the difficulty of identifying the source of biological contamination, you can always attribute the epidemic to migratory birds, wild animals, insects, or dirty water in China, Iran, or elsewhere.

Biological warfare is effective, moreover, it is invisible at the first stage of the “disarming strike”, it does not destroy the economic infrastructure of the occupied territory, biological weapons can selectively and quickly destroy the enemy’s manpower, the winner can only “take out the trash” on the former land of those states that dared confront him.

If Fashington immediately openly attacks the same Russia, it will respond with what it can – nuclear retaliation, including hypersonic delivery vehicles and tsunamis of nuclear submarine charges. After all, in Putin’s words: “Why do we need a world in which Russia will not be”? It is a completely different matter to start a secret, undeclared biological war against its geopolitical enemies: Russia, China, Iran and European economic competitors, which is also effective and also “will write everything off” (including the global economic collapse of the West).

For decades, US military biologists have studied artificially created combat viruses in hundreds of Pentagon bio-laboratories located in 25 countries of the world, including post-Soviet ones.

The US biolaboratory was funded by the DTRA Military Agency, a CBEP program with an annual budget of $ 2.1 billion. DTRA’s military program managers are owners of private companies that are not directly accountable to the US Congress and can circumvent any law due to the lack of direct control. Both the military and civilian personnel of such military biological laboratories also have diplomatic immunity. Therefore, private companies can operate on behalf of the US government under diplomatic cover without direct control by the host state. This is a common American practice of “hegemon” abroad, for example, the CIA is constantly used for the activities of secret agents.

In a secretive biological warfare that has already gone beyond the scope of military laboratories, not only the Pentagon and special services are involved, but also global corporations united in the so-called The Biosafety Alliance, often referred to as the Big Pharma. This pentagonal structure includes: Bavarian Nordic, Cangene Corporation, DOR BioPharma, Inc., DynPort Vaccine Company LLC, Elusys Therapeutics, Inc., Emergent BioSolutions, Hematech, Inc., Human Genome Sciences, Inc., NanoViricides, Inc. , Pfizer Inc., PharmAthene, Siga Technologies, Inc., Unither Virology LLC.

Therefore, by 2020, the United States had every opportunity to start the Third World War in the form of directed epidemics against its main opponents: Russians, Persians, Chinese. And they started it (in reverse order).

After “striking” Russia, China and Iran with economic measures and “Maidan” technologies did not work – at the turn of 19/20, Fashington pulled the trigger of the biological war.

What can stop the globalists, that is, those nonhumans who, “doing nothing worthless”, killed two thousand “their” Americans in the clumsy setting of the “terrorist attack” of September 11, 2001? Stop the ghouls at stake who have world domination? Yes, the question itself is ridiculous.

In 2001, the United States blocked the mechanism for mutual control of biological weapons, the epidemiological situation in the world is evaluated unilaterally, distanced itself from the 1972 Geneva Convention on the Prohibition of Bacteriological Weapons. This is because attacking their geopolitical opponents with biological weapons, and even without proof / justification for receiving a retaliatory strike, is the “American dream” of the global “lamp of democracy.”
“It is known that only one country that has a network of secret bio-laboratories around the world can do this. Under our nose in Ukraine, the Americans are in full swing with viruses on our, in fact, compatriots. They have a full arsenal of biological weapons … Biological weapons remain today the only way to massively defeat the enemy. The Americans were the first to uncover this weapon. Ebola and bird flu were experiments to create a selective-action virus, ”said former adviser to the president of Russia, academician Sergei Glazyev.

In order to wage a biological war, America ahead of time surrounded Russia, China, Iran with a network of military bio-laboratories in its protectorates / colonies, captured either by “color revolutions” or by buying / blackmailing “compradors” / the ruling “elite”.

To “ordinary natives” of these “territories under the laboratory” (lab) and to their “taxpayer sucker,” Fashington “weaved stories” about:

1) environmental research;

2) the USA’s concern (after the collapse of the USSR) regarding the storage of pathogens and the possibility of “biological attacks on America” (especially from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova)));

3) containment of viruses from disadvantaged countries;

4) scientific research as various ethnic groups carry various viral bacterial diseases;

5) genetic engineering of pathogens and assessment of their potential as agents of bioterrorism, the study of new, non-traditional ways of infection with such agents, erosion tests with primates;

6) the purification of tap water (as the Ukrainians “inter-Maidan”).

And now this is the stage when globalists do not “bother” at all with any explanations that “to their” population, that to the “natives” of the colonies (the same post-Maidan Ukrainians). It’s only with the “corona virus in the pan” Ukraine “trembled with trepidation” – it collected signatures under a collective appeal to the President asking him to create a commission to “investigate the activities of fifteen secret American biological laboratories on Ukrainian territory to find out the truth about their work and determine the degree of their danger to the health of citizens. ” That is, a clown in the role of a short-term “native king” loyal subjects are asked to check what exactly the metropolis has been doing in the colony since the mid-zero years (starting with the “Orange Revolution”). They want to ask:

“In connection with the official statement of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Zhao Lijian that the US military brought the coronavirus to Wuhan, we ask President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to create a commission to investigate the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine. People have the right to know the truth, ”the petition says. Only “Late Steps, drink” Naftusu. ” “Borjomi” have already drunk in Georgia, but what’s the point?

Let’s deal with the post-Soviet countries covered by the Pentagon’s “biological umbrella”.


This was the first of the countries of the former USSR in 2002 signed an agreement with America under the beautiful title “On cooperation in the field of technologies and pathogens associated with the development of biological weapons and the non-proliferation of information in this area.” In September 2004, “the whole” US Senator Richard Lugar visited Tbilisi, who agreed to establish a Public Health Center (bio-laboratory) near Tbilisi in the village of Alekseevka (near the international airport).

It seems to be an amazing choice of the construction site of a biologically hazardous facility, but nothing strange if you know that the laboratory’s “vital activity” product was planned to be exported through the “air harbor”. In 2006, after another pumping from an American senator, the Georgian parliament classified the activities of the Lugar Center.

It was commissioned in 2011 with Lugar’s statements about “only” $ 30 million spent by American taxpayers, but later data about 250-300 million “evergreens” invested by the Pentagon in the Center of Lugar and the entire network of Georgian “biological threat reduction” pop up ”, Including facilities in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Kobuleti and an accompanying network of biostations.

After the change of power in Georgia in 2013, the Lugar Center was formally closed, but until 2015 the Pentagon remained the owner of the Georgian biological network, and to this day has been the sponsor of biological research and monitoring, respectively, the US military has in no way lost control over created with American money in Georgia.

The first to disclose information about the threats of the Lugar project in Georgia was adviser to former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, an American journalist Jeffrey Silverman. “The laboratory of Lugar, located in the vicinity of Tbilisi, produces substances hazardous to health and tests them on the local population. I’m sure that dangerous experiments are being conducted on animals and people in Georgia. ”

According to Silverman, in 2013 there was a case of infection of the staff of the Alekseevskaya laboratory, then people were treated secretly so that information about the incident did not leak into the media. The inhabitants of Alekseyevka also spoke about the same case: in 2012, four Filipinos who worked in the laboratory fell ill, two of them died. In Russia, the Georgian network of biological laboratories was accused of introducing African swine fever into Russian territory, and in Abkhazia they “suddenly” discovered deadly South American mosquitoes – carriers of the Zika virus that had not appeared in the northern hemisphere before.


In 2012, a biolaboratory of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan was opened with American money under the Pentagon’s “joint biological participation” program. In addition, about 10 biological monitoring stations in different regions of Azerbaijan were built and modernized.

That is, in Azerbaijan (bordering both Russia and Iran – the “enemies of the United States”), the Pentagon in eight years has developed a network that is officially aimed at “pathogen research and biomonitoring”, and unofficially, it’s a “state secret” of the military departments. In any case, the objectives of the US military’s research biocomplex outside the United States cannot be explained by “concern for the preservation of pathogens” (a couple of storages would be enough for this), and the Pentagon is not involved in charity – the Congress is allocating money for it.

The same scheme for creating “biological networks” was applied by the Pentagon not only in Azerbaijan, but also in some other former Soviet republics: at the same time as the central “reference laboratories”, biological monitoring field stations are being created.

Thanks to Baku, the United States gathered a whole collection of Soviet developments in the field of biological weapons and biological collections of pathogens. In 2005, Azerbaijan, which received an “anti-plague” network of objects consisting of 6 research institutes, 29 regional and 53 field biological stations, inherited from the USSR 124 samples of 62 unique types of pathogens of plague, anthrax, cholera and other dangerous diseases. These unique samples were transported to the Institute for Pathology of the US Armed Forces (Washington), again to the PENTAGON, Carl, in no way to the Department of Health! Many other former republics of the Soviet Union sold / gave their biological collections of pathogens to Grad on a Hill.


In Armenia (bordering Iran and having a large passenger flow with Russia), an American bio-network was launched in 2016-2017 with centers in Yerevan, Gyumri, Ijevan and in three regions – Lori, Gegharkunik and Syunik. The CSTO member country is allegedly “convinced” that there can be no talk of any biological weapons: the US Department of Defense pursues good goals: “reducing biological threats”, monitoring, research and other “cowboy charity for suckers Indians”.


There, the first American “reference laboratory” was opened in 2007 in Tashkent, and in 2011 two more were added – in Andijan and Fergana, in 2016 – in Urgench (Khorezm Regional Diagnostic Laboratory). All of them were created with the money from the Agency for the Reduction of Military Threats (DTRA), and this unit is also not the American “Ministry of Health”, but the Pentagon.

The activities of the “philanthropist in American uniforms” appeared in August 2011, when an unknown disease suddenly appeared in the Tashkent region, very similar to cholera. In 2012, Uzbekistan received a new disease that claimed the lives of more than 10 people. Then the eldest daughter of the former Uzbek president, Gulnara Karimova, scolded her medical bureaucrats because they “for some reason” were not involved in elucidating the causes of death from an unknown virus. In the spring of 2017, an epidemic of chickenpox began in Tashkent (in Uzbek, “Suv-Chechak”). But in hospitals, doctors “for some reason” indicated a different diagnosis – “allergic dermatitis.”

There are no real statistics of infectious diseases in Uzbekistan, all outbreaks of dangerous diseases of unknown origin are recorded in “isolated cases”. It looks very strange in the presence of a whole network of modern American “reference laboratories” in the country. But nothing strange, if you know: it is thanks to them that the Uzbeks become infected with “unknown pathogens”. Which then Uzbek and Tajik “migrant workers” are brought to Russia, living in it as a “biological weapons of delayed action”, awaiting American “activation” of the transfer of the corresponding strains through insects, goods or in any other way.


Since 1992, the Pentagon has invested more than $ 170 million in various programs to “reduce biological threats” in Kazakhstan. The “Laboratory” in Almaty is a 4-storey building of high seismic stability, equipped with multi-level security. “I say to rumors about the planned production of biological weapons here that this contradicts Kazakhstan’s international obligations,” said Bakhyt Atshabar, director of the scientific center. In his opinion, there is nothing surprising in the fact that “his” laboratory was funded by the US Department of Defense: “the scope of the reduction of weapons of mass destruction is under his jurisdiction.”

Is only “WMD reduction” such an “experiment” in Kazakhstan: American exercises on “localization of the Ebola virus”? The Americans investigated how stable the population of Kazakhstan is to this virus, how the pathogen acts on Kazakhs, Russians, Uigurs, Chinese … These data allow the Yankees to get a pathogen with new properties in another laboratory in another country, and then at their discretion: a Kazakh tourist infected with such a pathogen can go down the ramp in Beijing or Moscow or elsewhere. And to whom then should claims be filed with the infected countries – Astana? The states are formally “out of business”.


The “star-striped” colony with 15 “reference laboratories” located in the USA regularly suffers from outbreaks and epidemics in both humans and animals: the African plague regularly mows pigs, bird flu kills chickens, and life and health Ukrainians are carried away by “unknown” viruses.

A simple question: what are the 15 reference laboratories and the monitoring network of Pentagon bio-stations in Ukraine doing? Do they save Ukrainian citizens from viruses or stuff them? As they say in Odessa: “these are two big differences.” If the first – where are the results of “scientific research” for the “fifteen years” and the list of Ukrainians saved by the Americans? “And in response – silence …” Therefore, over 15 years, 15 foci of America’s biological warfare in Ukraine gave a second answer to this question for all whose brains were not closed.

In 2005, after the orange flower garden, the US Department of Defense and the Health of Ukraine entered into an agreement “in the field of proliferation technology prevention, pathogens and expertise that can be used to develop biological weapons.” According to it, Ukraine does not have the right to disclose “confidential information”, but it is obliged to transfer to the American MILITARY SERVICE all pathogens studied in “high-risk facilities” located in Ukraine.

That is, physicians were initially involved from the Ukrainian side, and the military from the American side: “Pindos in the colonies are not particularly encrypted.” With this “pen stroke” of Yushchenko, they gained access to the state secrets of their new European dominion in the entire field of biological research.

The “Agreement” (the act of biological surrender of Ukraine) was signed as part of the Pentagon program “Reducing the biological threat”, which is implemented by Fashington throughout the post-Soviet space and is funded by the US Department of Defense through the American company BLAC & VEATCH Special Projects Corp.

Under Yushchenko, at the end of 2008, the “Plan for the provision of technical assistance to certain recipients of the Ministry of Health in the field of preventing the spread of technologies, pathogens and knowledge that could be used to develop biological weapons” was signed. A budget of $ 10 million 360 thousand was envisaged for the implementation of the first stage (from 1.06.2008 to 31.03.2009). On October 22, 2009, the Development Concept “Biological Threat Reduction Project” was signed. The total project budget amounted to $ 173 million, the completion date is May 31, 2013.

According to this deal, the Yankees received and equipped two laboratories for their needs in Ukraine – the Central Referral and Temporary (equipped at the Odessa I. I. Mechnikov Research Anti-Plague Institute). Nine laboratories at regional SESs were also obtained and equipped.

THE MAIN PLACE in this biological invasion system from Ukraine was occupied by the “TsRL with a repository of large pathogenic microorganisms” in the village of Shelkostantsiya near MEREPHA, 25 kilometers from Kharkov, NEAR THE RUSSIAN BORDER.

If the laboratory in Odessa specializes in the study of human pathogens, the facility in Meref studies pathogens among animals and insects (for which, as you know, borders and quarantines do not exist). Under Yanukovych, the construction of an object near Meref slowed down, but after Euromaidan, of course, it was resumed.

But even before that, in the Azarov’s government, the head of the Ministry of Health, Raisa Bogatyreva, corresponded with the Pentagon (“the main publisher for the health of the natives”). US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Issues Madeleine Creedon suggested to Raisa that “the consolidation of especially dangerous microorganisms is a priority component of our program … The Pentagon has already spent $ 80 million to“ increase Ukraine’s potential in preventing biological threats and, upon completion of the consolidation process, may provide additional “$ 7 million for the modernization of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and other activities in the field of reducing biological threats.”

A number of similar provisions in the field of biological weapons are in force under another agreement between Ukraine and the United States – “On Assisting in the Elimination of Strategic Nuclear Weapons, as well as on Preventing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction” of October 25, 1993. This agreement is known as the “Nunn – Lugar. ”

The project on the study of biological weapons has been implemented by Pentagon experts since the 2000s, not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the former Soviet Union – in the above Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

All these countries are a cheap training ground with “natives”, where US military biologists from the laboratories of Fort Detrick (Maryland) tested new types of biological weapons, tested and began to use them “in practice”.

Earlier, the “non-square” colony was repeatedly covered by suspicious epidemics of influenza and other rare diseases. “Inadvertent leaks” of pathogens from American biolaboratory in Ukraine are just a weak hypothesis of their appearance; the assumption is much more justified – we are talking about the deliberate testing of various strains of war viruses in Russian (genetics proved that Russians and Ukrainians are identical) to the people.

And yet, the Yankees decided to play it safe with the Russian gene pool and “got through”: in 2017, the US Air Force Training Aviation Command issued a contract for the purchase of RNA samples – living tissue of Russians of the Caucasian race. Such a tender was posted on the US public procurement website. The Pentagon needed, in particular, samples of RNA molecules that are involved in the implementation of the genetic information of Russian people. The training aviation command was certainly not the final consumer of “living tissue” from Russia; the entire Pentagon is also not a scientific institution for the study of the Russian genotype. Therefore, the pop-up order of Russian RNA samples was clearly associated with the development, testing and preparation for the combat use of biological weapons against the Russian people.

In October 2017, Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Presidential Human Rights Council said that in Russia the United States is collecting “biological material” about people living in the country.

A replica of the president followed after the words of the chairman of the organization Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law I. Borisov. He said that on a single voting day on September 10, about a million views of video broadcasts from polling stations “were initiated from IP addresses from abroad.” Borisov asked: “Why are so many interested people watching our elections and videotaping, in fact, the image of a person, and how will it be used further? I am personally concerned that the images of my fellow citizens are in the wrong hands and it is not clear how and for what purposes they will be there. ”

Putin replied: “Okay, the images, do you know that biological material is collected all over the country? Moreover, for different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical points of the Russian Federation. The question is: why is this being done? ” The collection of biomaterial is carried out professionally, added GDP, the Russians are “an object of very great interest.” But one should relate to this “without any fears,” Putin said: “Let them do what they want, and we must do what we must.”

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And for sure, Russia has prepared for the biological war that Fushington has now begun.

Almost a year later, on September 11, 2018, Georgian General Igor Gingadze talked about experiments on people being carried out in the Lugar laboratory: according to him, in December 2015, 30 people died there, according to legend, who received “treatment for hepatitis C virus”. 24 people died in one day, the cause of their death was not indicated. “Then – the data for April and August 2016: in April another 30 people die, in August – 13 people. All deaths – again for an unknown reason. At the same time, no investigations were conducted into the causes of their death. ”

The day after the speech of I. Gingadze, the former chief sanitary officer of the Russian Federation, State Duma deputy G. Onishchenko said that the Lugar laboratory in Georgia had the highest level of protection: “This laboratory belongs to the United States Army. No Georgia is all an imitation … The belt of biological laboratories around Russia is needed to study and replace natural strains … Of the three types of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, chemical and biological – the biological is the most unregulated, although the oldest. The Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons, signed in 1972, by the way, we developed it together with the Americans and the British, does not have a control mechanism. When we developed the control mechanism already in 2001 and wanted to ratify it and make it an international instrument, Mrs. Clinton arrived in Geneva and said:

According to the deputy, the United States then organized this attack (I’ll add – like the “airplane” on September 11, 2001):

“We used the most effective offensive biological component, the anthrax strain, sent it in envelopes. I then immediately said that Iranian or some other terrorists could not do this, it was done by highly qualified specialists. Then seven people died. Why did they do this? Human fear of biology is known. We then allowed them to fly over our territory, which in history did not exist at all, and allowed us to be based in Bishkek and Uzbekistan. And they brought troops into Afghanistan. That’s why they organized an attack against their own people. ”

According to G. Onishchenko, bioweapons against Russia will mainly be used “pointwise” or for economic sabotage:

“Of course, there will be no biological war in the sense that they taught at school. The most effective today is biological terror. The African swine fever, which we have had for about ten years, came from Georgia, just when these laboratories started working. It undermines our economy. It robs us of cheap protein. At the enterprise, one pig fell ill – everyone needs to be destroyed. Do not eat, but burn. This is economic terror. Individual terror – against political leaders. Cause some kind of flash – the people will rise to their ears, political destabilization …

Why did they create a belt of laboratories around us? In order to study our strains that circulate. For example, there is a natural focus of human plague on the territory of Mongolia and our neighboring territories. I take out the strain from there, make it more aggressive and release it into the external environment. People start to get sick, and no one can understand anything. Therefore, today, neither Georgians nor Kazakhs are allowed into these laboratories. Only military specialists work there. No military structure will work, for example, to protect the health of children. Moreover, those vaccines that exist are usually powerless against combat versions of viruses, as a rule, piercing immunity .. ”

On October 4, 2018, at a briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Kirillov, the head of the radiation, chemical, and biological defense forces of the RF Armed Forces, said that the United States was increasing the number of biological laboratories and monitoring national collections of pathogenic microorganisms in territories adjacent to Russia and China.

“The United States is steadily increasing its biological potential and control of national collections of pathogenic microorganisms, not only in the post-Soviet space. Today, more than 30 laboratories controlled by the United States with a high level of biological protection are functioning and constantly modernizing, which is confirmed by official UN data, ”he said, emphasizing that the capabilities of these laboratories allow the Pentagon to conduct a full range of studies with causative agents of especially dangerous infectious diseases.

“The choice of laboratory locations, in our opinion, is also not accidental – many of them are located in territories adjacent to Russia and China, being a constant source of biological threats to our states,” I. Kirillov said.

In December 2018, following the military, the alarm was sounded by Russian epidemiologists: Rospotrebnadzor experts admitted the possibility of artificially modifying viruses in US laboratories in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor then talked about how her department had to save schoolchildren who had caught a modified strong intestinal infection in Georgia in the summer and how the Americans were going to develop biological weapons in Simferopol (the return of Crimea to Russia interfered with Fashington’s plans). The chief sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova said that her experts found containers in Simferopol for sending hundreds of samples of biomaterial abroad: “In the territory of the former Soviet anti-plague station, we found 104 pools of ectoparasites prepared for shipment, 46 samples of rodent internal organs, 105 blood serum samples from people. This anti-plague station has ceased to be a research station, it has become only a point of collecting material and sending it through grants … ”

What is interesting, continued A. Popova: “Right now in Ukraine there is an epidemic of rare diseases – measles, diphtheria. In small Georgia, where there are now 10 Pentagon laboratories, an outbreak of Crimea-Congo fever. This summer, students from St. Petersburg were resting in Svaneti, in the north-west of Georgia. Ten children developed symptoms of acute intestinal infection. Some had to be evacuated by plane. Our found out. It turned out that such a strain is not represented. This raises certain questions for us. Our experts do not rule out an artificial change in the strain. ”

Of course, the protests of the Russians drowned then in the informational noise of the global media on the unproven accusation of the Russian Federation of all mortal sins, because “the best defense is an attack.”

Military bio-laboratories along the borders of the Russian Federation give the United States tremendous opportunities for “clean” offensive operations on Russian territory. After all, the biggest danger is invisible.

US military “researchers” work in strict secrecy, declaring for post-Soviet “natives” the study of natural focal infections in the region of their deployment. The complete independence of the Pentagon bio-laboratories from their country of residence allows the Yankees to experiment with dangerous viruses and bacteria uncontrollably, conduct various kinds of biological research on “aborigines”, in practice checking the effect of their “products” on the health of the local population, often identical to the Russian people.

The Pentagon has steadily woven its spider web of biological objects around Russia in the former Soviet republics.

First, general disarmament agreements were signed with them in the 90s, in the 2000s (after the “fight against terrorism” reason of September 11, 01), a “cooperation agreement” was signed, then the Pentagon built and modernized bio-laboratories / bio-stations along the perimeter of Russian borders . And where power was seized by the “flower beds” – the biological “research and monitoring” of the Pentagon began simultaneously with the creation of the American bio-network.

The information and materials received in post-Soviet countries flocked to Fort Detrick, the US Army’s biological research center, and its “death laboratory.”

“Fort” has officially conducted research in the field of virology, bacteriology and military medicine and is under the control of MILITARY Intelligence. Fort Detrick is also charged with collecting and analyzing intelligence:

– on fundamental and applied medical-biological and biotechnological developments of military-medical use, on the capabilities (civilian and military) of the pharmaceutical industry of other states (primarily “America’s enemies”);

– on foreign scientific and technological achievements in the field of medicine aimed at protecting against nuclear, chemical and biological weapons (than China and Russia can withstand American “biological democratization”);

– about foreign military and civilian capabilities, including the Russian sanitary-hygienic and veterinary service, the number and capabilities of Russian hospitals, hospitals, medical staff, etc. etc.

Russia was gradually biologically “punched weakly”.

Although the outbreak of anthrax in the North of Russia in the summer of 2016 was associated with climate warming, pathogens could be brought from the South by migratory birds (they can be easily caught somewhere in Arabia or Africa and “charged” with the virus before seasonal migration). The diagnosis of anthrax was then confirmed in 24 tundra residents; more than 2.5 thousand infected deer had to be destroyed. There was an outbreak of anthrax in the Altai Territory.

Some experts consider the outbreak of African swine fever in Russia in 2012-2013 to be another diversion, they argue that the atypical resistance of the virus to conditions of northern latitudes could be vaccinated exclusively in the laboratory. Previously, the Yankees carried out similar attacks with biological weapons against Cuba.

The current situation is even more dangerous for the Russian Federation because the United States can (especially in the first stage of a biological attack) transfer its biological weapons to anyone. For example, not only the Nazi (Euro-Bandera) regime of Ukraine, but also its individual Nazis / militants. And they sleep and see dead Moscow. If, at the same time, half of Ukraine dies out, it’s “not scary” for them (the hero of Ukraine, SS SS Shukhevych, advocated about this).

So the “global hegemon” does not give up without a fight. And he is already giving the battle that he can give and for which he is best prepared – biological.

I cited the facts above, then I will outline the “conspiracy” conclusions.

Three main objectives of the biological war launched by the USA

1) Write off to the war (biological, but labeled “Chinese coronavirus”) the growing economic crisis of the West, “collapse” of the financial “bubble” for years, and then discard all the unbearable external and internal obligations of its subjects: corporations, banks, government, states, consumers (taxpayers), pension and insurance funds.

2) Economically and politically strangle their opponents, primarily China with Iran, then Russia with the EU, and then restore the neo-colonial dollar system (other people’s goods and resources become cheaper, unsecured by nothing, but their dollar rises in price: “assets to yourself, liabilities to everyone else” )

3) Initially, possessing an “antidote” and blackmailing it with the provision / non-provision of a country of the world, “reset” the unipolar world order for itself in a new way.

The three main stages of the global (globalist) biological war launched by the United States.

1) Chinese.

The main economic and ideological competitor of the United States is communist China. He is the first to undergo a biological attack, the first to suffer enormous economic losses, but thanks to the socialist order he “stops” the epidemic.

Globalists have thought out and considered all the attack options in China, including in the event of a “failure.” In the framework of the “cover operation”, the Chinese city of Wuhan with a biolaboratory, which, when revealing the artificial nature of the coronavirus, can be blamed for America, is the focus of the spread of biological weapons.

In November 2019, Wuhan was visited by 178 U.S. military personnel at international military competitions, any of which could lay the foundation for biological weapons that had been developed in the United States since 2015 on the biomaterial of Chinese bats. The discovery of the artificial nature of the “coronavirus” has already occurred – traces of HIV were found in its structure that could not have arisen there naturally. Therefore, Western / pro-Western “info-throws” have already gone about the random “leak” of the Chinese “war virus” from the Wuhan biological laboratory of the Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The first patient in China was recorded on November 17, 2019, but the epidemic was only announced on December 31. The Chinese for a month and a half could not understand what they were facing. This is their “alibi”, if the leak came from their laboratory – the reaction followed much faster.

China itself accused the US of being involved in the spread of coronavirus in China. This statement was made by the official representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Zhao Lijian. Chinese officials, as you know, do not make reservations, “do not carry a gag.” Therefore, it is obvious: China accepted the challenge and joined the confrontation with America (for the time being informational).

In this case, the globalists have developed a version of the “random” leak of biological weapons from their American laboratory. Allegedly, the coronavirus epidemic in the United States began in August 2019. This was stated by Robert Redfield, director general of the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control, uniting all medical institutes and universities (CDC). Then, as if several American soldiers were killed, they were given the initial diagnosis of influenza, but after opening it turned out to be a coronavirus.

On August 5, 2019, the Fort Detrick Laboratory (Maryland), the largest military biological center in the United States, was closed to falsify the alibi, where the virus was developed back in 2015, as published in the journal Nature. There, the authors pointed to the extreme danger of experiments on the modification of the Chinese bat coronavirus, which would allow the coronavirus to enter human cells without an intermediate stage.

For all the conspiracy logists (including me), the globalists are ready to have an “alibi” for every taste and color: look, the Americans are sick and dying too (as if this had ever stopped the globalists, they sacrificed the same Yankees on September 11, 01.01.01 “ pictures ”), the Dow Jones index is falling (the economies of all countries are falling, but global control over the global economy is not only preserved, but concentrated), perhaps the Americans created the“ coronavirus ”, but it accidentally escaped from the laboratory (you don’t need to be with anyone “understand and forgive”).

The United States, with all its finances, the army, resources, is an instrument of the globalists, but not their homeland; geeks of the homeland do not.

So far, many follow the lead of Western / pro-Western propaganda and confuse not even the consequence with the cause, but the latter with the media “excuse”: the coronavirus is by no means a source of economic recession (an avalanche that has grown by 2020), but an information line to global PANs to push the system crisis capitalism on the artificial pandemic born by them.

The coronavirus was also launched in order to controllably collapse the stock exchange bubble on the US stock exchange, blowing off the rest of the stock exchanges, pulling out all investors to America: from Europe, Asia, Russia (the first to run, taking out dollars, speculator rats, believing that these “ships” are sinking , hence the growth of the dollar against the “basket of world currencies”).

2) Mutated (Iranian-Italian).

The virus, which is used by the Americans in Iran and Italy is much stronger than the “Chinese”, this is another strain.

Since 2015, the United States has had several years to modify coronavirus, they already have not only COVID-19, but also COVID-20, and COVID-21, and maybe 22, and 23. The world does not know this, since there are no There are no monitoring mechanisms for compliance with the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention – in 2001 the Yankees refused to sign the protocol on control measures.

That is why the supposedly “mutated”, but in fact, another, more deadly version of the war virus is sent by Fashington at the beginning against the main offender of America in early 2020 – to Iran.

The method of stuffing is not yet known (perhaps from Azerbaijan or Armenia), but it’s definitely not “Chinese tourists” (who allegedly infected Italy).

Although Iran did not fit into the harmonious theory of “the gradual spread of the Chinese coronavirus with tourists on the planet,” the globalists could not deny themselves the pleasure of revenge for missile attacks on American military bases in Iraq.

Italy, “allied” with America, like the whole of Europe, was chosen by the Pentagon as the “smokescreen” of American aggression against China and Iran, a curtain that would remove the US economic rival in passing.

The stop at this stage of world trade, tourism, and traffic due to the “draconian” quarantine measures adopted by mankind leads to a rise in the price of the world currency – the planet’s production that has risen only with it, and not with goods or real services, can cover current expenses. All world debtors are looking for a world currency – dollars, in order to be able to service their debts and not become bankrupt. The hegemony of the American unsecured paper printing press is returning.

It is possible that someone (Russia, Germany, Japan, Israel, or someone else) will have time to open and release a vaccine against the “Chinese” virus at this stage, but it will no longer be “Chinese”, permanently, in other countries, it’s supposedly “mutating” itself “, Constantly moving away from destruction with more and more new vaccines.

3) Mass (insect-commodity).

It starts if the three set goals of biological warfare by America by the two previous stages are not achieved. Then new strains of “coronavirus” of the twentieth numbers are used.

When at the second stage the borders for passengers are closed and trade relations between countries are largely cut off (especially between the mainlands, which excludes the massive “return” of random carriers to the United States, although if brought in, it’s okay, antidotes have long been worked out), Fashington at selected points Throws in or:

3.1. new strains of coronavirus;

3.2. stimulators / activators of “biological bookmarks”;

3.3. stimulants of the initially introduced coronavirus COVID-19 (which repeatedly increase its lethality).

The “stuffing” is carried out either by swarms of insects (remember the research near Meref, Kharkov region near the Russian border?), Or swarms of microscopic drones (analogues have already been tested), or by migratory birds, or infection of groups of goods from countries with American bases (for example, South Korean or Japanese equipment supplied to the Russian Federation), or to all of the above, or refugees (for humane reasons, Russia will not be able to completely close if, for example, we are talking about saving millions of the same Ukrainians who, in Putin’s words well, one with the Russian people), or in any other way.

But most likely – insects in the summer.

When the economies and political systems of the countries opposing America collapse, America will “find” the vaccine (at this stage) that it needs against the Crown of the virus involved in it and will act as the savior of the remaining population of a particular country and all of humanity.

For the surviving “dictatorial regimes,” Fashington will set the condition for receiving a life-saving vaccine either full submission or a “people’s revolution.” The American occupation administration with a rescue vaccine, the rebels “natives” will meet with flowers. Once again, the “unipolar” world will lie with American hooves.

I am sure that the leadership of the Russian Federation is ready for the toughest response to the globalists, if they still decide to “turn on” the third stage, they will probably already be informed about possible responses “Grad on the Hill” in order to weigh the weight of the Russian strike “at the center of decision-making”.

Because if the undeclared World War III (biological) war is won by global Fashington, then all surviving earthlings will become his digitalized slaves.

To prevent this from happening, to survive in the biological warfare, while preserving the freedom and future of their children, the anti-globalist forces of the planet must unite in the fight against American aggression.

Thanks to Putin and his team, Russia met the Third World War, which turned out to be biological, fully armed. I don’t know if it’s a miracle, Putin, but God preserves Russia for sure. Even the global structure of WHO is forced to set the readiness of the Russian Federation to combat the pandemic as an example to other countries of the world, especially to the West, which is now literally decaying. Russophobic boomerang returns to globalist Hari.

“Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, Victory will be ours!”

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