Moves to Overthrow Ukrainian President Zelensky are Underway


Zelensky and his team are trying to prevent an inexorably approaching coup, the authors of the Amber Room Telegram channel wrote, analyzing the latest actions of the Ukrainian president.

“Few people drew attention to the very remarkable, but subtle steps of President Zelensky in recent times.”

A week ago, serious purges and rearrangements took place in the SBU (Ukraine’s CIA), subordinate directly to the president. A large number of characters who came to the service under Poroshenko were dismissed and went down for a fall.

At the beginning of this week, equally serious shifts occurred in the General Prosecutor’s Office. Several omnipotent deputies flew out, who were connected with the former prosecutor general, with the former head of the president’s office, Andrei Bogdan, and with the former prosecutor Lutsenko (Poroshenko’s protege).

Finally, today there have been serious changes and delineations of powers in the Armed Forces.

What does such a density of changes in key law enforcement agencies subordinate to the president indicate (the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports to the Cabinet of Ministers and parliament)?

Zelensky hastily arranges his people and removes strangers. Zelensky is in a hurry.

Zelensky is afraid not to most fast. All year he has delayed, but now he scrambles.  This is because so many felt that his power was shaken. And if he has not staggered yet, then he will surely stagger in the near future, it is observed by both supporters and opponents. This opinion is shared by almost the entire political union of Ukraine, regardless of political coloring.

What is much worse, this opinion is shared by many associates of Zelensky, headed by the main sponsor, inspirer and confidant of the president Igor Kolomoisky.

Representatives of the international financial lobby, expelled from power not so long ago, rub their hands and actively sabotage with their parliamentary wing in most of the steps taken by the authorities.

The oligarchs, formally demonstrating loyalty, are in active consultations and in the search for configurations that will allow them to survive the collapse of Zelensky without loss.

Politicians of the Maidan, who lost power a year ago, are actively shaking the boat and preparing revenge, up to a power seizure.

Zelensky and the Kvartal group see and understand this and frantically try to gain a foothold and defend themselves. But no one believes in their success.

It is likely that events in Ukraine will develop according to the most negative scenario in both the epidemiological and socio-economic sense. And, quite likely, another shock awaits her.

According to Russia’s actions in Italy and information support for these actions, we can conclude that the Kremlin will try to use this crisis for a radical change in relations with the West.

At the same time, the crisis ripening in Ukraine, created by the “black swan” – the epidemic of the Wuhan virus, creates a window of opportunity for a radical change in the situation in the Ukrainian direction. There may simply not be such a second chance.


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