Oskar Lafontaine tracks The stages of US war crimes in the Middle East

the blood trail of US imperialism

Blood trail of US Imperialism
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The blood trail of US imperialism — a Facebook post by Oskar Lafontaine, former chair of Germany’s Die Linke Party

Whoever wants to understand the events in the Middle East, has to learn that capitalism leads to an ever increasing concentration of economic power, and thus to imperialism, that is, to war-like conquests of raw materials and sales markets.

The stages of US war crimes in the Middle East are as follows:

In 1953, the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh to get Iran’s oil under control again.

In the 1980s, the United States marshalled Osama Bin Laden and the jihadists to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan.

Also in the 1980s, the United States upgraded Saddam Hussein to support his war against Iran and tolerated the murder of thousands of Iraqi Kurds.

In 1990 the first Iraq war began with the incubator lie.

Then in 2003 the second Iraq war, with the weapons of mass destruction lie. As a result, the “Islamic State” emerged.

From 2012, the United States marshalled jihadists in Syria to drive Bashar al-Assad out of power.

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In 2018, US President Donald Trump terminated the laboriously negotiated nuclear deal with Iran.

The USA tries again and again to cover up these dealings with its worldwide propaganda and lies. They justified the murder of Iranian general Soleimani with an imminent attack on US facilities: Soleimani was “directly and indirectly” responsible for the deaths of “millions of people”, Trump said. But Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi revealed to the parliament that the USA is shamelessly lying here too: On the day of that murder, he was intending to meet Soleimani to mediate a diplomatic rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Trump had personally thanked him for this effort while he was already planning the attack.

Given that these war crimes of the United States have resulted in the deaths of over three million people in the past few decades, it is understandable that the United States is the “number 1 terrorist” for people in the Middle East. Trump, on the other hand, has referred to Soleimani as “number one terrorist anywhere in the world”.

These relationships are shown in detail on the nachdenkseiten (‘pondering pages’), which are becoming increasingly indispensable for anyone who wants to form a critical judgment about political events and the armed conflicts:

Soleimani assassination – Trumps Fake News and the media silence


The looming US-Iran war and the long shadow of the Iraq invasion 2003:

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