Picture of life in putschist Odessa: Nazi vigilante fires shots over Stalin decal

Stalin caption: "Not when I was around!"


In today’s Kharkov News Agency we find:
Odessa resident opens fire over Stalin decal on a car
The sticker with the image of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin on a car provoked a conflict with shooting in Odessa. Demyan Ganul, Ukrainian nationalist, reported the incident on his official social media page.
According to him, he and a friend patrolling the city saw a car bearing a sticker depicting the Soviet leader with the inscription: “Not when I was around.”

The radical demanded that the driver remove it, but he refused.

Ganul then called the police about the demonstration of symbols prohibited in the country.
While law enforcement officers were on their way, about 15 people came up to support the owner of the car.

“Today I was walking and noticed a car with a portrait of Stalin. I asked him to remove the portrait from the car voluntarily. He refused, but agreed to wait for the police. Also his friends came to the place.

After a long conversation, slogans were shouted: “Bandera demons, get out of Odessa,” “The war is a civil war.”
Of course, after the statement “Odessa is a Russian city” a mass brawl began. I had to shoot into the air, because there’s no desire to sit still for any more of this ****,” he wrote.
According to the press service of the GUNP in the Odessa region, law enforcement officers have established the identity of the owner of the car with the prohibited symbol. It turned out to be 45-year-old Odessan.

As a result, a criminal case was opened against the owner of the car under the article “Production, distribution of Communist, Nazi symbols and propaganda of communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes” in the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The “violator” faces a restriction of liberty for a term of up to five years or imprisonment for the same term with or without confiscation of property.

In addition, as the Ukrainian nationalist said, under the onslaught of the police and radicals, the man had to remove the Stalin decal from his car.

Removal of Stalin decal as armed vigilante watches. This and cover photo from the vigilante’s Fb page.

Also, Demyan Ganul called on employees of the Security Service of Ukraine to deal with the people of Odessa.“This is what the Security Service of Ukraine needs to do. As a result, the portrait was independently taken by a fan of Stalin. But he must answer before the law. And in my opinion, he will soon close his store in Odessa, as it is not appropriate to make money in a country that you do not respect,” the radical threatened the Odessan.
Recall that since 2015, Ukraine has had a law on “condemning the communist and Nazi regimes,” prohibiting the display of Soviet symbols. The ban included cities and streets named after Soviet statesmen. The National Memory Institute created a list that included 520 historical figures whose activities fall under the law “on decommunization,” so their names should disappear from geographical names.

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