Polish FM Expresses High Hopes for Russia-Poland Reconciliation


WARSAW – Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputović stated the importance of improving relations with Russia, expressing the hope that the countries will be able to find a common language.

“Poland and Russia are neighboring countries, and normal relations should exist between our politicians and societies. Now these relations cannot be called good, they are tense, but we would like to improve them, ”the politician said in an interview with RBC.

Chaputović emphasized that he was interested in meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He allowed a meeting with a colleague before the Council of Europe ministerial meeting, scheduled for May.

“There is still time to come to an agreement,” he said.

According to the Polish diplomat, Warsaw hopes to restore cooperation with Moscow in the study of history, paying attention to the fact that this work should not become a hostage to attempts to make propaganda from history.

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“We would like to carry out a general analysis of documents, to come to a common understanding of historical facts and our relationships,” says Chaputović.

He noted that Poland does not present any conditions for Russia to start a dialogue on historical reconciliation. The diplomat speaks of the need to reduce the intensity of historical disputes, offering to provide an opportunity for professional historians to study documents and verify sources.

Yesterday Chaputović said that the Soviet Union played a leading role in the victory over fascism. The diplomat noted that Warsaw is in solidarity with Moscow’s position on the USSR’s contribution to ending the war.


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