Russian MOD Exposes US Plan to Transfer More Weapons to Syrian Terrorists


MOSCOW – The Russian Defense Ministry revealed the cynical plans of the United States to transfer goods to Syrian militants, hiding behind statements about the provision of humanitarian assistance in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is stated in a joint statement by the interagency coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation and Syria on March 28.

“The American side cynically seeks to take advantage of the situation with the spread of coronavirus and puts pressure on the UN leadership to, under the guise of supplies of diagnostic means of infection to the “ Rukban ”refugee camp, bring“ humanitarian ”cargo into it to feed controlled militants.

At the same time, the so-called “camp administration”, at the suggestion of its American curators, is building up an awareness-raising campaign to draw world attention to the “critical” situation of local residents and the need for emergency international assistance to prevent a “humanitarian catastrophe”.

Once again, we emphasize that the humanitarian problems of Rukban are a consequence of the illegal occupation of this part of Syria by the United States.

The Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic have taken and will continue to take all necessary measures for the speedy release and evacuation of Rukban refugees in the territory controlled by the Syrian government, to their homes .

We believe that the American side’s reluctance to exert influence on militants under their control to ensure unhindered departure of people from the camp and the safe work of humanitarian representatives in the Al-Tanf zone they occupy is clear evidence that the US’s true intention with respect to Rukban is its interest in maintaining “Assembly line” for training extremists used to maintain hotbeds of tension in Syria.

The only solution to the humanitarian problem of the Rukban refugee camp, guaranteeing the return of ordinary Syrians to normal life in their homes, is its final disbandment, the withdrawal of American units from the Et-Tanf area they occupied and the transfer of the territory under the control of the legitimate government of Syria, ”  reads the joint statement.


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