Strange Statistics: Russian mortality rates for 2020 still lower than 2019 despite Coronavirus

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MOSCOW – Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said that mortality rates for 13 weeks of 2020 in Russia are lower than indicators for the same period in 2019.

The official announced this information on March 30 at a meeting of the Presidium of the Coordination Council to combat the spread of new coronavirus infection in Russia.

“We see that over the thirteen weeks of 2020, the overall mortality rates are lower than the previous year, including the monitoring of mortality and morbidity from community-acquired pneumonia.”

For this indicator, I want to note that compared with last year, the indicator is almost 9% lower, ” he said.

According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, who was also present at the meeting of the coordinating council, the incidence of pneumonia in the Russian Federation at the moment also does not exceed the average annual surge.

“The level of pneumonia in the country does not exceed the long-term average surge … And in the same way, the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza does not exceed the long-term average and is on a seasonal trend to decrease,” Popova said.

The meeting also discussed an urgent topic related to the spread of the new coronavirus. Speaking about this, the minister explained that the situation is under control, all infected are under the constant supervision of specialists.

Doctors assess the condition of 32 patients throughout Russia as severe.

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“We see that in the Russian Federation, in total, there are more than 1.5 thousand patients, and 32 patients in 18 regions require special attention – they are in serious condition,” Murashko said.

He also added that today the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation monitors and coordinates all issues of providing medical care to patients diagnosed with COVID-19, including specialist consultations.

The Minister said that about 78 thousand beds were trained in the regions of Russia to receive patients with a disease caused by a new coronavirus infection.

“The total number of beds that should be deployed, I said that it is increasing to almost 100 thousand beds. Today 78 thousand beds have already been prepared, ”he said.

According to the Minister, a number of medical organizations need to take organizational measures to transfer additional equipment as soon as possible, which will be freed up when the planned volumes of prevention are reduced.

“We sent a letter to the Moscow government on the re-profiling of federal beds. By the end of the week, we will have prepared at least two more institutions that will be fully transferred to the regime of work with this category of patients. We will compensate the activities of these institutions with medical personnel and medicines, ” Murashko explained.

In addition, the Ministry of Health of Russia decided to attract students from medical universities to receive patients with a disease caused by a new coronavirus infection. This will help mobilize about 40 thousand people to help physicians.

“They made a decision to attract medical workers. Today, documents have been signed – those that are completing their education at medical schools and secondary educational institutions, including resident doctors, doctors and specialists attending graduate school, we can actually mobilize more than 40 thousand additional direct medical workers, ” noted the official.

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