The End of Putin’s Leadership and the Fate of Donbass


Vladimir Putin has long gone down in history, and the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation that are currently being discussed go far beyond the intrigues surrounding his personality. 

Such an opinion was broadcast on Russian television by  political analyst Sergei Mikheev, commenting on the issue of the  term of office of the president. 

He emphasized that “the president is a significant person, in our history he has long become a historical person, regardless of how he is treated.” But the amendments that were being discussed “go beyond the discussion of his personal political fate.”

“As for 2024 … In my personal opinion, even before all these processes launched under the amendments, there were clearly signs of preparing a scenario to destabilize the situation by 2024 and imposing such a person, such a figure, who would either complete the restructuring, or something else like that, and would surrender much of what we managed to fix in these years (from the point of view of national sovereignty). And, of course, this danger exists.

If Putin had remained until 2024 and after, then at least for me, from the point of view of my priorities, this would be a guarantee that Donbass will not be merged. I really hope that they will not merge it, I really would not want any concessions to Ukraine (under all sorts of talk about “you know, maybe softer, better, more democratic, we’ll make peace now”) would be made. And I hope this will not happen. Because for Putin this will be a matter of principle. Since a huge number of people (conditionally, “Putin’s majority”) will be perceived as a betrayal. And Vladimir Putin cannot ignore this for himself now either until 2024, or after, ” Mikheev shared his point of view.

The expert pointed out that under the conditions of the political system and the rules of the game that, in his opinion, were imposed on us in the 90s (Mikheev noted that he does not believe in any “democracy” and even more so “it’s not a supporter, ”comment RV), all these discussions and provocations around today’s decisions or discussions will increase and“ there will be enough of them. ”

At the same time, he noted that “some kind of fuss” might disappear. And some, on the contrary, will begin and will be activated.

“By the way, with regard to United Russia, and in general this proposal for early elections, I am skeptical about this. I believe that United Russia is not ready for any special elections, although it may seem to her that this is so. The situation for her is far from being as brilliant as we would like. Because, in my opinion, Putin’s rating is not so automatically transferred to United Russia as it once was. And this also needs to be taken into account.

We need to see what will happen until 2024. Because events can develop, and it does not seem to me that under the conditions of this system Putin’s decision on the elections in 2024 will be a coup. I believe that maybe another scheme is found. In the end, they found her in Kazakhstan. And what is so terribly incredible in what has been done in Kazakhstan? Other options are possible! ” – said Mikheev.

What the expert is sure of is that “Putin is a person who must influence the situation in the country, strengthen international sovereignty and be a kind of guarantor of this strengthening.”

“This is for sure! How to solve this is another question. Let the statesmen think about this! But it seems to me that there is no solution that today from this point would be viewed as one hundred percent. Therefore, there is something to think about. And these four years, it seems to me, will show how the situation will develop, ” he concluded.

The United Russia faction advocated zeroing the presidential term in Russia in the context of the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Later, the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation approved this document .


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