The West’s Shocking Reaction to Coronavirus

By Sergei Mikheev


Russian political scientist Sergei Mikheev spoke about the “true face of humanism” of the West and how it manifested itself during the coronavirus epidemic. – ed


By Sergei Mikheev

“The West has taught us here for many years in a row and continues to teach that only they are the bearers of supposedly“ real humanism ”, only they know how to love people, only they understand all these things and the world. They say: “To love perverts is the highest level of this love!” But look at countries like Iran suffering from this very coronavirus.

A huge number of people suffer from this disease. Many are dying. And the main reason why this is happening is the sanctions imposed on Iran by the West.

And this is the lack of medicines, and medical equipment, and other things. Moreover, when the Iranians try to buy these things abroad, it is impossible to do. Because any transaction in euros or dollars will be blocked by “humanists”.

Because these “humanists” – Americans, Europeans – are actually glad that people are dying in Iran!

They are glad that people were dying in China. On this basis (I read these articles) they prove that supposedly “democracy surpasses authoritarian regimes.” I read an article in Le Figaro stating that “look how bad it is in China and Iran, because these are authoritarian regimes, and how good in Europe, because there is democracy”. This was before people began to die in Italy … Now in Italy there are already two thousand dead, and in Europe there is panic. What are they saying now? 

These “humanists” are glad that people are dying. And at least something had moved in order for them to help, for example, countries such as China or Iran, overcome these sanctions.

They are glad. Because Iran is asking for sanctions to be lifted at least temporarily, but no one in Europe or the United States does this. They are told: “Well, at least for the duration of this epidemic, please limit! Let us buy medicines and medical equipment for our money! ” They say: “No, you can’t!”. 

Because the more people die there, the more convenient it will be for them to say that this is all “the result of an authoritarian regime”.

This is exactly the same as our opposition is doing here in our country. These methods are exactly the same. And the worse, the better. It would be nice if more died! Undoubtedly rejoice … 

In fact, the main tendency of life in the West, unfortunately, is precisely this: a lie to make a truth, and a truth a lie. To attach to this, to play along with this, to justify it, is actually absolutely unacceptable and criminal, ”he said on the air of the channel “ Russia 1 ”.


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