UK NHS To Abandon Those Less Likely to Survive, Over 12,000 Spanish Health Workers Diagnosed With COVID-19

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LONDON/MADRID – As the coronavirus death toll in the United Kingdom eclipses 1,200, doctors are reportedly becoming “much more careful” about which patients should be provided with potentially life-saving equipment. Intensive care for coronavirus patients is now being limited to those “reasonably certain” to survive, the NHS London trust said, according to The Telegraph.

As the number of patients who need ventilator treatment increases, some patients less likely to survive will no longer receive the “benefit of the doubt”.

“In normal times we will give most people the benefit of the doubt. That has changed”, an unnamed senior consultant stated, cited by The Telegraph.

“With this infection you need a couple of weeks on a ventilator, so with resources being used for such a long time, you have to be reasonably certain the person is going to get better,” the source added.

Imperial College Healthcare, while reportedly acknowledging that “very poorly patients with coronavirus may need to be on a ventilator for extended periods”, and noting that “for some patients this would not be in their best interests”, denied that people were not receiving care due to a lack of capacity.

The NHS allegedly has some 8,000 ventilators, and the government is desperately trying to source another 30,000 to cope with the rapidly rising numbers of new patients infected with the novel coronavirus.

The United Kingdom has over 19,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with more than 1,200 fatalities, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Centre. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged citizens to “stay home, save lives” to slow the spread of the disease. Earlier, he confirmed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, some 12,298 health workers have tested positive for coronavirus in Spain, Deputy Health Emergency Chief Maria Jose Sierra stated at a news conference on Monday. Spain is currently one of the main epicenters of the COVID-19 outbreak in the world, as virus cases in the European country have skyrocketed in recent days, Europe News reported.

Spain’s total number of coronavirus cases rose to 85,195 on Monday, the country’s health ministry said, as the infections surpassed those reported in China, at 81,470 according to the latest data. The death toll from the virus in Spain rose to 7,340 on Monday from 6,528 on Sunday, the health ministry added.

Director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies Fernando Simon has also tested positive for the coronavirus. There are currently no details about the condition of the Spanish epidemiologist. The number of Covid-19 cases around the world reached 735,000, and at least 35,000 patients have lost their lives due to the deadly disease.

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