US Increases Troop Count on Military Bases, but Not in Eastern Europe

By Nikolay Krylov


By Nikolay Krylov, for  “Russian Spring”

It seems that the US military command is still beginning to listen to Russia’s insistent demand on the United States and NATO about the inadmissibility of the deployment of new military bases near its borders.

Despite the high-profile statements of the top military-political leadership of the United States, Poland and the Baltic countries about their intentions to take the most active measures to “counter the aggressive intentions of the Russian Federation”, so far no deployment has been announced in the territory of Eastern Europe of additional military units of the United States and other countries NATO on an ongoing basis.

The intensification of the military activity of the Alliance after 2014 was reduced only to the deployment of rotational forces and the conduct of exercises at the training ranges and air bases of the Baltic countries, Poland and other East European countries as part of two operations: the American Atlantic Resolve and the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence.

In February of this year, the US military command sent a formal request to the German government for the rental of about 200 apartments and houses for the permanent deployment of US troops and their families near one of the largest military training grounds in the United States in Germany – Hohenfels.

According to the request, housing should not be located further than 30 miles from the landfill, and its rental may vary between 6.05-6.25 euros per square meter per month. Lease term – at least 10 years.

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When sending a request, the American military leadership referred to the need to expand the staff of the multinational training center located in Hohenfels, since the intensity and scale of exercises at the training ground increase every year – at least 5 thousand troops participate in the regularly held Combined Resolve exercise. Accordingly, their support requires more constantly based support units.

However, the scale of exercises involving the US military has increased in almost all countries of Eastern Europe. So, at the training grounds of Poland in April – May of this year, about 20 thousand US troops will be involved in the exercise “Defender Europe – 2020”.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that more than 4,000 US troops are still deployed on a rotational basis. At the same time, the Pentagon does not plan to deploy its attendants with their families within a radius of 30 miles from Polish landfills, as planned in Germany.

Apparently, in German territory, American soldiers and officers feel more secure.

Politics is politics, but when it comes not only to the security of military personnel, but also to their families, other arguments come into play.


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