Bill Gates’ Cannibalistic Loyalties: Features Narcissist Witch Marina Abramovic in new Microsoft Ad




Facing what may well be a prosecution by US authorities, and having been exposed by thinking people of conscience for what they are, Bill Gates and his human-trafficking Deep State buddies have doubled down – facing a silent majority who are onto their occult ritual-cannibalist, rape-torture-kill, pedophile antics.

Marina Abramovic is one of the chief witches of the Clinton cabal and the Deep State. That Bill Gates is doing this is the absolute troll move, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. She’s known for being a fake artist who sold her soul to the devil to be famous as an artist, despite having no artistic ability whatsoever. Despite having sacrificed numerous human beings to Satan, she’s still a very bad artist. This means she is a very bad negotiator, and has terrible self-esteem.

If you want to understand the foundation of her error, of what she fails to understand in the human experience and part of what led her astray, it is at around 1:26

Let me say that readers new to Fort Russ News may think this tone and vocabulary is the standard norm for us. It has not been. Maybe we may even seem like a conspiracy website promoting outlandish claims. This is neither our intention, nor in fact the case. While FRN was created and largely staffed in its history by Americans, an Aussie, and a Kiwi and a Serb – we were named in supporting documents submitted to the House Intel Committee regarding the Mueller Investigation on Russian interference in the US election, as if we had no right to influence other Americans on the criminal insanity of Hillary Clinton.

The reality is that things have changed tremendously in recent months, and we are at a loss for words if we refuse to call a spade a spade. When we say ‘pedophile’ we mean people who rape children. When we say ‘cannibal’, we mean people who eat human flesh, when we say ‘ritualistic’, we mean that this is done within the context of a quasi-religious type ‘mass’ or ceremony. When we say ‘witch’ we mean a priestess involved in all of this. When we say ‘RTK’, we literally mean ‘rape, torture, kill’. When we say human trafficking, we mean the kidnapping of children and vulnerable people, often women and girls, to be sexually exploited and worse.

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We are tired of using euphemisms or beating around the bush. From now own, we’re going to be straight forward about this.

To Ms Abramovic – you’ve gone down the wrong path, and you think you’ve cozy’d up to those in power, thereby assuring your legacy. Know this – history doesn’t work that way, and just like you’re a bad negotiator, you’ve got a terrible understanding of which way the wind is blowing. And what’s worse? You think what matters is how you’ll be regarded by those alive after you die. While you will most certainly by remembered by humanity as a talentless hack and serial killer, it’s your eternal soul you should be chiefly concerned with.

Are we being libelous? She’s a public figure, and given what we know and what material she has put out in the public herself, we believe a reasonable person could come to this opinion.


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